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Ramp and Street Parking

Find ramp and street parking near your clinic or hospital entrance.

Ramp Parking

Discounted patient parking is available at the following ramps:

Street parking

Metered parking spaces, operated by the City of Minneapolis, are available on streets surrounding our downtown campus. Please note the varying time restrictions and rates on each meter.

Get the MPLS parking application for iPhone or Android. This convenient application can be downloaded for all platforms. Once you've entered your secure payment information on your application, enter the parking spot number, verify that your information is correct, and begin parking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the ramps located?

HCMC Parking Ramp – Entrances at 615 South 6th Street and 614 South 7th Street (between Park and Portland Avenues).

"Hospital" Parking Ramp – Entrances at 8th or 9th Street (off Chicago Avenue).

What are the parking rates?

0 - 20 minutes: No charge
20 minutes to 1 hour: $5.00
1-2 hours: $6.00
2 - 3 hours: $7.00
3 - 4 hours: $8.00
4 - 5 hours: $9.00
5 - 6 hours: $10.00
6 - 7 hours: $11.00
7 - 8 hours: $12.00
8 - 12 hours: $15.00
12 - 24 hours: $18.00

Are the ramps connected to HCMC buildings?

The HCMC Parking Ramp is connected via skyway – it leads directly to the Purple Building and continues through all buildings on campus.

The "Hospital" Parking Ramp is connected to the Parkside Professional Building and by tunnel to the Blue Building.

Is handicapped-accessible parking available?

The HCMC Parking Ramp has designated handicapped parking on the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th levels.

The "Hospital" Parking Ramp has handicapped-accessible parking located on Street Level E.

Where is patient parking located?

The HCMC Parking Ramp has parking spaces reserved for patients on the 3rd floor.

The "Hospital" Parking Ramp has patient parking spaces reserved on the 9th Street side of the ramp at Street Level.

The Clinic & Specialty Center has underground patient parking. Enter on Park Avenue.

Are there parking discounts for patients and/or visitors?

Discounted hourly parking is available for patients, families, and visitors in both the HCMC Parking Ramp and the "Hospital" Parking Ramp. Request a validation ticket in your clinic or inpatient unit. Please note that discounted parking for patients and visitors is not available in any of the local surface parking lots.

Parking discounts for long-term (more than 5 days) patient families and friends are available. Contact the Parking Office at 612-873-2359 to request the discount. Find more information about discounted parking.

Where can you pay parking fees?

Pay your parking fee using the self-service pay stations. Pay-stations accept cash, credit cards, and discount validation tickets.

HCMC Parking Ramp – located in the ramp’s skyway level elevator lobby.

"Hospital" Parking Ramp – located at the corner of 8th Street and Chicago Avenue inside the ramp or the Parkside Professional Building South Lobby, Street Level.

Who can you contact with questions?

HCMC Parking Ramp: 612-873-2359

"Hospital" Parking Ramp: 612-332-0391

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