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Transportation Assistance Resources

Find information about insurance plans that can help with rides for health care visits, financial help toward vehicle repairs, shared public rides, discounts on public transportation, and free transportation for seniors.

Insurance Help with Rides

Insurance Company Help with Rides

Your insurance plan can help you with rides for healthcare visits. You may also get help with other rides. Please call them to see what they can do. You will need your insurance health plan number.

Vehicle Repair

Vehicle Repair Assistance

Get financial help toward auto repairs.
This program is for low-income people living in Hennepin County who have a:

  • Valid MN driver’s license
  • Up-to-date car insurance
  • Proof you own the vehicle needing repair
  • Car less than 20 years old.

Note: You will need to attend a free, online financial class that is two 4-hour sessions.

How do I get Vehicle Repair Assistance?
Fill out a form online or by mail. Please see the Community Action Partnership of Hennepin County website for details.

Shared Public Rides

Shared Public Rides

Metro Mobility

Access the Metro Mobility website.

What is Metro Mobility? Shared public rides.
Who is this is for? People who cannot use regular buses due to a handicap or health problem.
How do I get Metro Mobility? Fill out a two-part form that has a professional verification part signed by a health care doctor. Those who are approved can call 651-602-1111 (TTY 651-221-9886) to plan their trips.

Transit Assistance Program (TAP)

Access the Transit Assistance Program (TAP) website.
What is TAP? $1.00 bus or light rail rides with a 2 ½ hour transfer window.
Who is this for? People with a low income. Please call TAP at 612-373-3333 or access the website to
learn about income rules.
How do I get TAP? Access the website or visit in person at:
Minneapolis Metro Transit Service Center
719 Marquette Avenue, Minneapolis
8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

What will I need?
An Identity document (ID) with your name and address, AND a statement to show your income.

  1. Approved ID with name, address, photo and signature:
    • Valid MN driver’s license or ID
    • U.S. Passport
    • U.S. Military or Veteran ID
    • Tribal ID
    • Photo ID and a form with your name and address. *The ID can be out of date. The form with your name and address can be on a cell phone. A bill or form that shows account startup, lease or rent, or student fee will work.
  2. Approved statement for income from:
    • SNAP, EBT, WIC, or MN free/reduced lunch programs
    • State assistance programs such as Diversionary Work Plan, Energy Assistance,
      General Assistance, MN Family Investment Program, MN Unemployment Insurance
    • Community Card for homeless
    • Early Learning award letter
    • Medicaid healthcare programs
    • Refugee certification (Ukrainian: proof of entering the US on or after 2.24.22)

Metro Transit Limited Mobility Program

Access the Metro Transit Limited Mobility Program website.

What is Metro Transit Limited Mobility? Discounted transit fares ($1.00)
Who is this for? Any person with a handicap. Access the website to see if this is right for you.
How do I get Metro Transit Limited Mobility?
Fill out the form online or by mail that is signed by a doctor.

Seniors Mobility

What is Seniors Mobility? Free transportation for seniors in MN to health care visits, grocery shopping, dining, and other outings.
Who is this for? Seniors and people with handicaps.
How do I get Seniors Mobility? Call 612-787-4012 to plan rides. Pay what you can up to $4.50.