Pediatric Mobile Health

Bringing healthcare to the community

Our Pediatric Mobile Health team provides pediatric healthcare to families who are hesitant and/or unable to come to our clinics or hospital. We meet families where they are.

The  Pediatric Mobile Health program began as an innovative healthcare model in response to the dramatic decline in essential childhood immunizations during the early phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. Without essential vaccines, the community is at risk for vaccine-preventable diseases, such as measles or whooping cough.

The pandemic not only exposed but worsened many long-standing barriers to get care for some families. To meet these needs, our work expanded beyond vaccines, to include well child check ups and other basic healthcare services.

Our team

Our team consists of a:

  • nurse practitioner or pediatrician
  • pediatric provider trainee
  • EMT and/or nurses

We provide care to Hennepin Healthcare families in a mobile unit, outside their home. We prioritize safety and follow strict infection prevention measures. We also partner with community organizations to provide services at events.

Screening for social determinants of health

For some families, a visit from our team can be an important touchpoint with a healthcare system. We screen families for social determinants of health, including:

  • food insecurity
  • childcare challenges
  • transportation needs
  • housing and/or utility needs
  • financial strains
  • internet access and literacy.

All families who screen positive receive referrals to clinic or community organizations and resources to help with their needs.

During the visit, children can expect to:

  • Receive a brief health exam (including weight, height, and vital signs) or well child check-up
  • Receive immunizations appropriate for the child’s age
  • Address any acute health needs
  • Have blood drawn for basic labs, such as hemoglobin or lead if needed
  • Receive books to promote literacy
  • Get referrals back to a medical home and specialty care, if needed
  • Get resources for social needs including support for food insecurity, if applicable
  • Adult household members can also receive their influenza or COVID vaccine
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Contact the Pediatric Mobile Health team

Sheyanga Beecher, CNP, MSN, MPH

Medical Director

[email protected]

Dawn L. Martin, MD, MPH

Medical Director

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Jeanné Portoghese, MCH

Community Program Coordinator

[email protected]