Postpartum Health Program

Bringing Healthcare to the Community

The Postpartum Health Program provides healthcare to people who have just given birth and are unable to come to our clinics. Our team will provide care for both the postpartum parent and infant(s) beginning 6 weeks after the birth date. Care will be provided within our mobile unit and we will meet families where they are to help make services more accessible.

For the postpartum parent:

  • Discussion about labor and birth
  • Routine exams and care
  • Breastfeeding help and breast health education
  • Birth control choices
  • Doula care
  • Help with:
    • Getting food
    • Mental health support
    • Treatment and recovery for alcohol and drug use
    • Community support
    • Scheduling future appointments

For the infant:

  • Newborn wellness check
  • The first set of newborn vaccines
  • Infant safety education
  • Infant feeding
  • Scheduling future appointments

Contact the Mobile Health team

Sheyanga Beecher, CNP, MSN, MPH

Medical Director

[email protected]

Dawn L. Martin, MD, MPH

Medical Director

[email protected]rg

Jeanné Portoghese, MCH

Community Program Coordinator

[email protected]