Justice Catherine

Catherine Justice, DPT, PT, C-IAYT, E-RYT, CST, FAIHM


Commitment to Patient-Centered Care

“I strive to help facilitate a deeper healing process with my patients, looking at the whole person with an integrative health lens, working with patients to find optimal wellness in all aspects of their lives.”

Clinical Expertise

Catherine specializes in holistic and creative approaches to physical therapy and wellness including therapeutic/trauma sensitive yoga, mindfulness, breathwork, trauma informed care, posture training, somatic movement patterns, lifestyle (nutrition, sleep, movement, spirituality, etc.), environmental and community wellbeing, health equity, and craniosacral therapy. In her role at Hennepin, she also serves as the Program Manager for Integrative Health. Catherine is also the Associate Editor for the International Journal of Yoga Therapy. In her work with patients, Catherine blends these eclectic approaches to wellness in order to facilitate deeper healing and recovery.


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Professional Affiliations

  • Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine
  • International Association of Yoga Therapists
  • Yoga Alliance


  • Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Physical Therapist
  • Certified Yoga Therapist
  • Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher
  • Certified Craniosacral Therapist
  • Fellow of the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine


“In my free time, I enjoy biking, yoga (of course!), gardening, and spending time with my family and cats.”