Radin Mitchell

Mitchell Radin, PsyD, LP

Commitment to Patient-Centered Care

“I believe that establishing a relationship based on safety and trust is essential for therapy to be truly effective. My framework for conceptualizing psychological distress is firmly based in Trauma Informed practice, holding in mind that uncomfortable or distressing emotions, thoughts, or sensations are often normal adaptations to stressful or traumatic life experiences. Asking the question ‘what happened to you’ rather than ‘what’s wrong with you’ affords us an opportunity to contextualize and make sense of whatever the presenting problem is that might be interfering with your overall quality of life. One of my intentions in therapy is to destigmatize and normalize areas of difficulty utilizing an accessible neurobiological approach that helps clarify that symptoms are not just ‘in your head’, but literally part of a whole body and brain feedback loop. In my experience, this takes some of the mystery out of how symptoms manifest, and makes the talking part of therapy significantly more effective.”

Clinical Expertise

Dr. Radin is a Clinical Psychologist currently filling multiple roles within the Hennepin Healthcare system. Along with treating people in the Outpatient Therapy Clinic, he is a clinician on the Inpatient Psychology Consult Service, liaison to the Burn Unit, consultant to MVNA and Hospice of the Twin Cities, and a core member of the Trauma Informed Care team that is working to establish a trauma informed system within Hennepin Healthcare. Along with several years in private practice, the first 16 years of his career were spent working at a community mental health clinic with a specialization in severe and persistent mental illness and mental health crisis intervention. A substantial part of this work was on a mobile crisis team, working directly with law enforcement and other first responders to address mental health crises in the community. He received his doctorate at the California School of Professional Psychology in the San Francisco Bay Area and moved to Minnesota in 2014.

Professional Affiliations

  • American Psychological Association


  • Licensed Psychologist (MN and CA)