Burn Safety

Types of Burns

First degree: Epidermis (top layer of skin) is damaged. Skin is red and may swell. The victim feels pressure and pain.

Second degree: Epidermis and dermis (second layer of skin) are damaged. Blistering may occur.

Third degree: Epidermis, dermis, and nerve endings are destroyed. Victims may or may not feel pain. Skin is discolored (white, brown, black, or red) and leathery in texture. Muscle, fat, and bone may also be destroyed.

Prevent Burns

  • Lock up dangerous items. Keep out of children’s reach. Fire kills. Fire can hurt for life.
  • Keep hot liquids out of reach of children.
  • Turn down water heaters to less than 125°. Higher temperatures can cause third degree burns (the worst) in two seconds!
  • Stay away from burner or flame. Don’t wear loose clothing near fire.
  • Keep children away from stoves, outdoor grills, campfires and fireplaces.
  • Don’t let appliance cords dangle where children can reach them.
  • Always turn off an iron when it’s unattended.

First Aid for Burns

  • Stop, drop and roll!
  • Remove victim from area of danger.
  • Call 911 immediately.
  • Cool burn area with cold water. Continuously flush a chemical burn.
  • Never put grease, butter, or ointment on a burn.
  • Don’t remove clothing that is stuck to the burn.
  • Cover burn with a clean sheet or towel.