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Center for Wound Healing

Interdisciplinary Clinical Team and Cutting-Edge Technology Offer Advantages to Patients with Diabetic Ulcers and Non-Healing Wounds

Hennepin Healthcare'sCenter for Hyperbaric Medicine uses a unique and innovative combination of resources to assess and treat patients with complex wound conditions and vascular issues. Utilizing fluorescence microangiography – a new technology that can assess blood flow in chronic, non-healing wounds and diabetic ulcers – physicians can guide treatment approaches and evaluate recovery. Hennepin Healthcare is the first in Minnesota to use the LUNA™ Imaging System during wound assessment.

For wounds to heal effectively, healthy blood flow, or microcirculation, is essential. Non-healing wounds can often result from diabetes, a complication from a recent surgery, or even frostbite.

The utilization of fluorescence microangiography with the LUNA system enables doctors to see what they previously could not – real-time blood flow to acute and chronic wounds. This technology allows them to perform assessment of blood flow to the wound, utilizing information to define treatment plans, optimize patient recovery and reduce the frequency of these complications. Complications from chronic wounds may include necrosis, infection, partial or total limb amputation and the need for repeat surgery.

Patients have the benefit of clinical expertise and the resources of an interdisciplinary team of physicians to provide assessment and treatment recommendations. Physician disciplines include: hyperbaric medicine, podiatry, vascular surgery and endocrinology.

The combination of the new LUNA technology, clinical expertise in wound healing and limb preservation and one of the World’s most sophisticated hyperbaric oxygen chambers provides distinct advantages for patients with wound issues. Hyperbaric oxygen has long been recognized as an important adjunctive therapy for chronic medical conditions such as delayed soft tissue radiation injury and foot ulcers in diabetic patients.

HCMC has the only multi-chamber hyperbaric oxygen facility in the region that’s used for 24/7 emergency treatment of critically ill patients and those with limb or life-threatening infections.

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