EMG (electromyography) Lab

An EMG (electromyography) can help detect abnormalities in muscles and nerve cells that control them. An EMG may consist of a nerve conduction study. Hennepin Healthcare's Botulinum Toxin Program treats neurological problems such as migraines and has uses as a treatment for certain muscular disorders. Our EMG lab is the only location in the Twin Cities that offers autonomic testing which is a non-invasive series of procedures that help identify dysfunction in the autonomic system, which controls involuntary functions like heart rate or blood pressure.

The EMG Lab at Hennepin Healthcare has received Accreditation with Exemplary Status by the American Association of Neuromuscular & Electrodiagnostic Medicine. It is located by the Neurology Clinic.

View the autonomic testing video featuring Dr. Loavenbruck (YouTube).

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