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Hand Conditions

Hand and wrist injuries can happen suddenly, as in a fall, or from wear and tear, or everyday activity. When injury occurs, the hand and wrist’s ability to function is disrupted, impacting the intricate workings of bones, muscles, ligaments and other structures. Treatments for hand and wrist problems range from hand therapy to medications to surgery.

Arthritis of the Thumb

Arthritis of the thumb occurs when cartilage deteriorates in the joint and loses its ability to prevent shock to the joint.


  • Difficulty, loss of strength and pain when using thumbs for tasks that involve pinching or gripping
  • Pain or ache following increased use of the joint
  • Reduced ability to move the thumb
  • Swelling and sensitivity at the thumb’s base
  • Joint appears larger than normal
  • A bump or bony prominence over the joint

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome results when there is an increase in pressure on the nerve, causing numbness and pain in the hand.


  • Pain, numbness, weakness and tingling sensation in the hand
  • Pain can sometimes radiate up the arm
  • Often symptoms at night can cause you to wake up from sleep
  • Usually involves the thumb, index, middle or ring fingers

Distal Radius Fracture

Distal Radius Fractures occur when a broken wrist bone results from a fall, accident, sporting injury or direct blow.


  • Pain and swelling in forearm or wrist
  • Often the wrist looks bent or deformed
  • Bruising near injured area

Metacarpal Fractures

Metacarpal fractures are a result of direct trauma or punching injuries which cause fractures, pain and swelling.


  • Pain and swelling following injury
  • Deformities can sometimes be seen over the fracture or at the knuckle
  • Occasionally, the finger may appear twisted or rotated

Trigger Finger

Trigger finger occurs when tendons cause a finger to jerk or snap when the finger or thumb is bending or straightening.


  • Finger may be stuck in the bent position momentarily or for prolonged periods
  • Pain and catching/popping feeling when trying to move the finger
  • Symptoms are not normally associated with an injury
  • Pain in palm of the hand
  • Swelling or a small lump can develop
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