About Your Visit

The Positive Care Center is widely recognized for its patient care, teaching, and research in the field of HIV and related disciplines. We are here to provide you with quality medical care and support services as a person living with HIV/AIDS. We work with all people, regardless of their sexual orientation, race or ability to pay.

As a patient, you are an equal partner in the management of your care and we encourage you to ask questions and understand the reasons for tests and procedures. At Positive Care we work together as a team, helping you achieve your goals in every part of your life.

Urgent Care Needs

Because Positive Care is a primary care clinic, we may be able to see you for same-day appointments. If you feel that you need to be seen within the same day, please call the clinic at 612-873-2700, and ask to speak with a nurse. Please know that, if you walk-in for an urgent care appointment, you may have to wait longer than usual. If it’s after 4:30 and the clinic is closed, you have the option of getting some medical advice from an experienced on-call HIV provider. Please call 612-873-2700. As always, if you’re having a medical emergency or emotional crisis, you should go to the Emergency Room on the first floor of the Red Building at HCMC, or call 911 right away.


Medication will likely be a key factor in your overall health status. The pharmacists at the Positive Care Center are HIV experts—they want to answer your questions and help you to be successful with your medications. They can also identify any possible problems with how other medications you take may interact with your HIV meds. For this reason, we think it’s a good thing if you fill your prescriptions at one of the HCMC pharmacies. Pharmacy Locations

612-873-3220 Purple Building

612-873-3224 EPS

Medication Refills: 612-873-2700 Urgent questions after hours and weekends: 612-873-2700 Clinic Social Worker: 612-873-6118

What can I expect when I come to an appointment?

At your first appointment, you will meet your medical provider, one of the most important relationships you will establish here in Positive Care. They will provide you with a complete physical check-up and ask you about your medical history. You will also have blood drawn, either in the clinic or in the lab. The results of these blood tests are usually ready when you return for your next appointment. You may also meet with the social worker at your first appointment. She will help you with insurance coverage and other resources. She is an important advocate for you within the clinic and will work on your behalf. Feel free to have her paged by the front desk with any questions or concerns. Please come to the clinic 15 minutes before your appointment time. The patient services coordinators will help you check in, and may ask you to verify personal information such as your social security number, address and insurance information. They will also help you fill out any forms required. We want you to feel comfortable, so please let us know if you have any needs. At your follow-up appointments, you will see your medical provider. You may also meet with the other members of your care team such as the pharmacist, dietician, health educator, chemical/mental health staff, case manager, or benefits counselor.

Nurse Visits

There may be times when you will be scheduled specifically to see a nurse. Scheduled nurse visits are required for injectable medications (medications that are given through a needle), breathing treatments, dressing changes and for certain tests. These appointments are important to keep. If you will be unable to keep a scheduled nurse visit, please call 612-873-2700 to reschedule. We can best serve you in a timely manner if you schedule your appointment. If this is not possible, sometimes you can be seen by a nurse without a prior appointment. Some skin tests and shots can be handled on a “drop-in” basis, any time Monday through Friday between 8 am and 3:30 pm. Avoid lunchtime because there aren’t any nurses available, and know that the wait times can be longer without a prior appointment. If you are going to drop in, early morning is the best time.

Appointments / Medical Questions