Return to Learn

An important part of a child’s recovery is a successful return to school. This isn’t always easy though as brain injuries often have a significant impact on a child’s academic performance. Even mild injuries with temporary effects require careful planning for a smooth transition back to learning. This is why an important part of our program is dedicated to helping students return to learn following a brain injury. While hospitalized, children receive individualized recommendations regarding returning to school after their injury. As outpatients, this is also an important focus of therapy.

Helping educators understand the injury and how the student’s needs may be different is another important part of our program. We often connect with a child’s school to provide education with the goal of a smooth transition back to learning. We have created a useful tool, Return to Learn: A Guide for School Success Following a Traumatic Brain Injury, and have shared it with many educators in addition to patients. This pamphlet is full of information to help schools, students, and families create a successful return to learn after an injury.