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eye doctor with patient in clinic
eye doctor with patient in clinic

Developmental Optometry

Hennepin Healthcare has a TBI residency-trained optometrist who treats our patients and oversees the vision rehabilitation in our clinic.  This service is unique to Hennepin Healthcare, and we believe that this collaboration produces the most effective results in patients who have visual dysfunction following a TBI.  The eyes and vision are complex, and many factors need to be taken into consideration when diagnosing a patient and developing a treatment plan.  This includes evaluating the patient’s ocular health, refraction, visual motor and visual perceptual function.  Very often, patients have several issues affecting their visual function and these need to be addressed concurrently.

We find that many of our patients who have gone through other vision rehabilitation services were only treated for one aspect of their visual dysfunction and therefore did not achieve their full rehabilitative potential.  Here at Hennepin Healthcare we make sure that EVERY aspect of their eye health and vision is looked at.

We are now accepting external referrals! We accept patients with mild to moderate TBI who have or are suspected of having eye and vision problems, which are interfering with their daily function.  To refer these patients to us, please call 612-873-9494.

Developmental Optometry and Occupational Therapy Collaboration

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Developmental Optometry and Occupational Therapy Collaboration

Developmental Optometry

21 Point Sensorimotor Exam
(as compared to a 4 Point Exam with a general OD/OMD)

Ocular Health Assessment Diagnosis and Treatment as indicated

Prism, tint and occlusion assessment, often an immediate improvement is seen

Referral to ophthalmology if concurrent surgical intervention is needed

Occupational Therapy

Assessment of ADLs

Vision Screening

Driving Evaluation

Rehabilitation of visual processing to include fixation, pursuits, saccaddes, convergence, divergence, accommodation, vertical deviations