In honor of brain injury awareness month – what to look for when you hit your head

If you’ve had a fall, a car accident, or been involved in any other event where you hit your head or could have, it’s important for you to know the signs and symptoms of a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Some symptoms are present right away, but others can develop over days. Following is a list of…

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A new perspective on standard care – CDC issues guidelines on mild pediatric brain injuries

There is nothing ‘mild’ about a mild traumatic brain injury, especially when we’re talking about kids. This is something we at Hennepin Healthcare have known for years. And we also know that the number of children getting mild traumatic brain injuries, more commonly referred to as concussions, are on the rise.

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Recognizing Brain Injury

Guest Blogger: Kary Briner, Hennepin Healthcare Traumatic Brain Injury Center Coordinator March… Longer days, warmer weather, a hint of spring in the air, and of course, Brain Injury Awareness Month. We at Hennepin Healthcare’s Traumatic Brain Injury Center invite you to take a moment to think about traumatic brain injury (TBI) and its impact on…

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Brain injury research on concussions leads to neck strengthening in young athletes

Increased public awareness of the potential consequences of concussion has raised concern about the safety of youth sports. While football, hockey and other predominantly male contact sports capture much of the media attention about concussion, females are uniquely at risk and report a higher duration and severity of concussion symptoms after an injury.  Recent studies…

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