Brain aneurysm patient puts pen to paper

In 2017, Megan Bacigalupo survived a near-fatal brain hemorrhage, while riding a bike. Megan shared her story in a Here for Life blog post several years ago. “A lot has changed since then.

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Seasonal affective disorder a.k.a. the winter blues

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that’s related to changes in seasons. Although SAD can occur for some people in the summer, it is most common in the late fall or winter months. SAD is also referred to as “the winter blues”, although it’s important to see your doctor if it becomes…

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Healing family relationships one mother at a time

The Mother-Baby Program at HCMC is only the 4th of its kind in the nation. Created by Dr. Helen Kim, the program is designed to help mothers who experience serious post-partum depression. This video shows the pain and anguish of post-partum depression and how HCMC’s physicians and therapists help Moms heal by bonding with their…

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