Find your ‘me time’

Everyone feels and reacts to stress in different ways. Stress is the way your mind and body react to a threat or a challenge. Simple things, like a crying child, can cause stress. You also feel stress when you’re in danger, like during a robbery or car crash. Even positive things, like getting married, can…

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Young, healthy – and at risk for a heart attack?

John Grudnowski is a 44-year-old marketing executive who works out 3-4 times a week. He had no apparent risk factors for a heart attack, but on May 22, 2021, that’s exactly what he experienced while living for a short time in Costa Rica. “I had just completed one of my workouts with a personal trainer…

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Go red for women or just wear red day, which is it? Either way, February 5th wear red! Here’s why:

Remember when the first Friday of February, during National Heart Month, was designated as Go Red for Women and they had the little red dress pin? ( I still have and love that pin!) And now we are asked to wear red on the same day to raise awareness of heart disease for all?

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Cardiac rehab in an app

Did you know that only 20% – 30% of people who have been referred to cardiac rehabilitation actually make a first appointment? At Hennepin Healthcare it’s a little more, however those statistics are alarming and quite distressing. Who gets referred to cardiac rehabilitation? Patients that have had a heart attack, heart surgery, heart failure, stents,…

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The healthy woman’s heart attack

Have you ever heard of SCAD? AKA spontaneous coronary artery dissection? Bobbijo, who works in the Comprehensive Cancer Center, had never heard of it either. Early in January 2017, Bobbijo felt something was wrong, and passed it off as acid reflux, thinking it would go away. One week later with shooting pain from her sternum…

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Want a healthy heart?

We all have heard the things we should be doing to have a healthy heart. Diet and exercise. Diet and exercise. Diet and exercise. What we’d like to do is compile some tips that may be more specifically helpful, and debunk some myths about what is good and not good for your heart and overall…

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Sports physicals create opportunities for healthy conversations

The start of school also signals the kick-off for school athletics. According to the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL), the non-profit that coordinates most of the interscholastic athletics in the state, more than 300,000 youth participate in middle school or high school athletics each year from over 525 schools. In fact, despite our smaller…

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Save a life – learn CPR. It’s easy and right here at Hennepin Healthcare!

Alicia Bravo is an emergency medicine nurse here at Hennepin Healthcare. Healthy and athletic, Alicia was training for a triathlon swimming across a lake, her dad and sister boating alongside. Suddenly, Alicia stopped cold and mouthed the word ‘help’. Still unresponsive after being thrown a flotation device, her sister dove in and brought her to…

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