Skull fracture causes frightening TBI — but nothing scary about seamless care

As a nurse at a local hospital, Jeanne Leach has worked with families caring for loved ones with a health emergency. On a Friday night in October, while leaving their daughter’s house, her husband, Jim, walked down the front steps, tripped over a pumpkin, and fell and hit the corner of a step and was…

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Jet Ski Accident Leads to Unexpected Diagnosis

Ricardo Ortiz went jet skiing with his family. It was a sunny summer day. He had an accident and later received an unexpected diagnosis.

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Local writer thanks and apologizes to neurosurgery team and ICU nurses

“Dear neurosurgery team and ICU nurses@ Hennepin Healthcare, I was hospitalized September 20, 2017 after suffering from a subarachnoid ruptured aneurysm and stroke. I spent two weeks in the ICU. I really can’t thank all of you enough! I wish I knew each of your names!  I know that my personality in the ICU was…

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Serious car crash impacts family in more ways than one

Shannon Kerr was driving, with her two girls secured in the back seat. They were on their way to get a puppy. It was a beautiful sunny day but for a moment, the sunshine was so intense that Shannon couldn’t see the road and she missed a stop sign. Upon crossing the intersection her car…

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A spinal injury that changed a young man’s life

Spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries can happen in an instant and may significantly change a person’s life. This was the case for Nick Maestas, who ended up with a spinal fracture after a diving accident in rural Minnesota. Fortunately for Nick, he was taken to Cambridge Hospital where he was immediately evaluated. The medical…

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