HERE Film Series

Carols Story Poster1

Episode 7: Carol’s Story

Carol Kosel is a mom of three and was about to add to her family. She had always birthed with nurse midwives, but this time, things were much more complicated. Find out why, and what happened on the latest episode of the HERE Series.

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Hhc Jared Story Poster1

Episode 6: Jared’s Story

Jared Murphy is a designer and was enjoying an exciting, life of a typical, healthy adult male when he suddenly collapsed and died this past Memorial Day. Watch his miraculous story of teamwork, care, perseverance, and triumph, in this latest episode of the HERE Series.

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Here Ep5 Mission Poster

Episode 5: It’s All About the Mission

In this latest episode, we turn the spotlight on Hennepin Healthcare’s mission and values, citing thousands of reasons that employees choose to work here, and stay here: Our Patients.

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former residents dr brandi gordon and dr bao vang

Episode 4: A Residents’ Story

Follow the journey of two inspiring residents as they reflect on their paths to becoming doctors. From the rigors of training to the joys of holding babies, these amazing women have overcome so much to fulfill their dreams and ambitions.

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dwayne, a kidney transplant recipient of a living donor kidney learned what is a living donor through his experience

Episode 3: Dwayne’s Story

Dwayne Sheppard is an active, fun-loving father, who loves the outdoors and camping with his family. Severe kidney disease negatively affected his quality of life and a transplant became a necessity. His transplant journey led to quite an unexpected result.

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Dalton Stillframe

Episode 2: Dalton’s Story

Dalton Northway is a fun-loving 10-year-old boy who very much enjoyed waterskiing with his family whenever possible. Then one summer afternoon, the unthinkable happened when a boating accident nearly took his legs, and his life.

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Reggies Story Hero Scanner Post

Episode 1: Reggie’s Story

Reggie McAllister contracted COVID-19 by caring for others who were ill with the virus. After being admitted to Hennepin Healthcare with a very high fever, he soon landed in the ICU where he spent weeks in a coma, fighting for his life.

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