Cost of COVID-19 testing

The gross charge for a COVID-19 lab test is $218.00 total ($162.00 for the test and $56.00 for the collection). The gross charge for the antibody test is $141.00 ($105.00 for the test and $36.00 for venipuncture). This is the list price; contractual insurance rates or discounts are not included in this amount and they do not indicate out of pocket costs.

Uninsured Minnesotans can get tested for COVID-19 at no cost to them during the federal public health emergency.

To get free coverage for testing, a patient must:

  1. Be a Minnesota resident.
  2. Be a U.S. citizen, U.S. national or lawfully present noncitizen with an immigration status that qualifies for Medical Assistance.
  3. Provide their Social Security number unless they meet an exception for not having one.
  4. Not be enrolled in any other health insurance.

Hennepin Healthcare will be providing uninsured patients with an abbreviated Medicaid Application to help cover the cost of their COVID-19 test and treatment. We will submit the application for the patient, and the patient will get a notice in the mail about whether it is approved or denied. If the patient does not complete the application for the cost to be covered, they will be billed for the balance. The application will be available in multiple languages.

A patient can also complete the application or call the DHS Health Care Consumer Support team at 651-431-3994 or 800-366-5414 to request an application be mailed to them.

This information is subject to change and does not reflect additional charges that could be incurred at the time of service.

The State of Minnesota's COVID-19 website provides easy access to the closest testing sites, offers general information related to the pandemic, and provides an interactive screening tool to help a patient decide if they need a test.