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Submitting Outside COVID-19 Test Results to Hennepin Healthcare

Share your outside COVID-19 test results with your Hennepin Healthcare provider

Submitting your outside testing results allows your provider and Hennepin Healthcare to give you the best care possible, using the most up-to-date information available. There are 3 ways to do this, with MyChart being the preferred method.

Instructions for submitting test results for COVID-19 (PDF)

Updating Communication Preferences in MyChart (PDF)

Via MyChart

  1. Under Messaging or Quick Links, select Ask a Question
  2. Select New Medical Question
  3. Using the dropdowns, select the provider and the reason for sending (Outside Lab Result)
  4. Add a comment that these COVID results are from an outside lab
  5. Click the ATTACH AN IMAGE button to attach your entire lab report (not a screenshot of an email you received).

NOTE: This may require logging into your account with the outside lab and downloading the full report.

  1. Enter a short description of your result and click SEND.

Via Email

Send a copy of your results as a PDF attachment to [email protected].

Via Provider Visit

Share your results with your provider at an in-person or virtual visit.