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Redleaf Center for Family Healing

The Redleaf Center for Family Healing is Minnesota’s first intensive mental health program for pregnant and postpartum mothers.

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Return to Learn

Return to Learn An important part of a child’s recovery is a successful return to school. This isn’t always easy though as brain injuries often have a significant impact on a child’s academic performance. Even mild injuries with temporary effects require careful planning for a smooth transition back to learning. This is why an important…

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Rehabilitation – Outpatient

Our providers offer expertise in physical and occupational therapy, speech, recreational and neuro-vision rehabilitation.

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Rehabilitation after a Traumatic Brain Injury

Hennepin Healthcare excels in all aspects of rehabilitation and the expert care our interdisciplinary team offers following a traumatic brain injury is no exception.

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Our radiologists, physician assistants, practitioners, technologists and nurses use imaging technology to diagnose and treat diseases.

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Rehabilitation after a stroke

Stroke rehabilitation begins in the hospital, followed by recovery in The Miland E. Knapp Rehabilitation Center.

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Refer a Patient to Burn Center

Refer a Patient Hennepin Connect, our referral service, receives referrals from throughout the upper Midwest and works closely with referring physicians to ensure continuity of care when the patient returns to their home community. Call Hennepin Connect to: Initiate a referral on behalf of your patient Discuss a complex or unusual case Request a non-urgent…

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Recursos para el asma

Recursos para el asma Videos de “Control del asma” Aquí le presentamos 8 videos cortos que le ayudarán a aprender a controlar su asma. Haga clic en el título de cada video para verlos. (YouTube) Introducción Control del asma Uso de un inhalador de dosis medida sin cámara de retención (espaciador) Uso de un inhalador de…

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Knapp rehabilitation center patient with tech in rehabilitation hospital for inpatient therapy

Rehabilitation – Inpatient

The Knapp rehabilitation center is a rehabilitation hospital for inpatient therapy for hypoxic brain injury and other conditions.

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Our providers offer care to patients with rheumatic conditions, focusing on joints, muscles, and bones to regain independence.

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