TBI Occupational Therapy

Traumatic Brain Injury Occupational Therapy Our Goals: Assess and measure arm functioning Improve motion, coordination, and sensation in the upper arm and hand Manage tone and spasticity related to stoke or other neurologic diagnoses Recommend adaptive equipment to maximize independence Improve the patient’s ability to complete activities Common Neurologic Conditions Treated: Stroke Traumatic brain injury…

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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Transcranial magnetic stimulation is an in-office treatment for depression, used to treat major depressive disorders in adults.

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Trauma Surgery

Our trauma surgeons provide emergency surgery for injured and acutely ill patients and intensive care following an injury or surgery.

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Traumatic Brain Injury Outpatient Program

The Traumatic Brain Injury Outpatient Program staff diagnose and treat patients experiencing post-traumatic effects of an injury to the brain.

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Traumatic Brain Injury in Seniors

Brain injuries are often overlooked in seniors. A fall can sometimes create injuries such as hitting your head which is a serious injury.

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Transplant Referrals

Transplant Referrals There are two ways to be referred to the Hennepin Healthcare Transplant Program – doctor referral or self-referral. Your doctor may refer you directly to the transplant program. We ask that your doctor forward your medical records and insurance information to Hennepin Healthcare Transplant Program. Once this information is reviewed, we will contact…

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Transplant Recipients

Transplantation strives to improve the quality of life for people with renal disease. It is not a cure, but an alternative to dialysis.

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The HOPE Program

Find information about the Healing and Opportunities with Psychotic Experiences (HOPE) Program at Hennepin Healthcare.

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Traumatic Brain Injury / TBI / Concussion

The TBI Center offers multidisciplinary patient care, education and research for patients who have sustained a traumatic brain injury.

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Travel Medicine

Our providers offer advice about risks, necessary vaccines, and prescription medications needed for your international travel.

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