From Ashes to Art: Rebuilding East Lake Clinic

December 1-8

Campaign Progress
Towards $252,500 goal

Creating Beauty Out Of The Ashes

After the devastating destruction of the original East Lake Clinic last summer, our new East Lake Clinic re-opened its doors on October 4 to serve patients in the beloved community. Located on the 5th floor of  the Hennepin County Human Services Center at 2215 East Lake Street, it provides seamless access to additional county services.

“What we have done is partnered with Hennepin County social services, human services, and public health to dream big about what health care should look like at East Lake Clinic. We have brought together all the services and supports we've heard from community that are so essential for their ability to thrive and be healthy." --- CEO, Jennifer DeCubellis

The new clinic is beautiful with stunning views of downtown Minneapolis and the East Lake neighborhood, with lovely colors, and lots of natural light. Patients and staff alike are thrilled to be back.

"From day one, we knew we were committed to returning to the East Lake neighborhood, so much so that we posted a banner on our old clinic telling everyone we were coming back. And this is that moment: we are back in the neighborhood."  --- Clinic Manager, Ryan Erdmier

Your generosity and gratitude are more welcomed than ever as we embark on a new patient experience. Art sponsorships will bring beauty and are selected in partnership with our patients and reflect their values while supporting local artists. Exam room sponsorships will boost our healthcare environment.

The artwork for our clinic and exam room sponsorships are only made possible through your generosity and philanthropy. Hennepin Healthcare Foundation is at the ready to connect you with our work at East Lake Clinic. We are forever grateful.

Philanthropic Goal: $252,500


Take a look at the artwork available for sponsorship.

Party in a Box

Order delicious refreshments to enjoy while viewing our event. Join a pre-program reception to hear from Rick Anderson, co-owner of France 44, to learn all about the sourcing and flavors of the items.  Contents serve 2.

Order by Friday, December 3.

Pick-Up either Dec. 7 or 8.

Questions? Contact: Marlys Weyandt, Senior Development Officer

[email protected]   Mobile: 612-741-0672