About DIY Fundraising

Fundraising on behalf of Hennepin Healthcare Foundation can be a meaningful way to make an impact through your generosity. Anyone can fundraise on behalf of HHF. Proceeds from these fundraisers can go to urgent needs or a program of your choice. Whether you’re looking to honor or commemorate a loved one, host an event, or simply raise funds for a program of your choice, the possibilities are endless and you have the ability to turn your passion into action. Generosity happens here because caring for anyone, at any time, in any condition, takes a team of people and resources.

Questions? Contact [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

From hosting a dinner party to organizing an in-kind donation drive to donating proceeds from product sales or creating a walk or run in honor of a loved one, there are countless ways that you can turn your action into a passion.

We will also set you up with an online customized fundraising page for event-related fundraising, registration, and/or ticket sales.

We developed these steps from conception to wrap-up, to assist you in creating a successful and rewarding fundraising event—and to have fun doing it!



  • Determine which Hennepin Healthcare program your event will benefit
  • Identify event specifics such as theme, location, date, audience, food, logistics, prizes, and programming. Are you going to have a tournament registration fee, ticket sales, or an auction?
  • Invite family or friends, or reach out to the foundation to help with ideas. The sky is the limit!
    • Examples: Athletic activities, music events, car washes, or in-kind donation drives

Get the OK

  • Submit an event proposal form - the enter link to HHF. The foundation will review your request and respond within a week. It’s a good idea to submit at least six weeks before your event date.


Get some help

  • Gather friends, family, and others interested in helping with the event to plan and organize with you. Form a committee to make sure your event runs smoothly and turns out well. Secure vendors and volunteers if necessary.

Develop a timeline

  • Planning well increases your fun and helps you to succeed! Plan for what you need to do each week to stay on schedule for the event. Identify who will be responsible for each task. Set deadlines for completion.

Determine the budget

  • Set a goal for how much you want to raise and outline a budget for event expenses. Consider event sponsors and/or an auction to raise the bar and generate even more giving.


Spread the word!

  • Send information via email, post on social media sites, use community information sources and encourage your friends and family to pass on news of the event to anyone who might be interested in participating.
  • Consider creating a fundraising page through HHF’s online fundraising tool to engage a wider audience. Some people may not be able to attend the event but may want to still support you.
  • The foundation understands there are many programs within the Hennepin Healthcare System, we are happy to provide you with specific facts, or materials that are tailored to the program you are supporting.


Settle things up

  • Make sure your expenses are paid promptly and send the proceeds of your event to Hennepin Healthcare Foundation within 30 days.

Pat yourself and your committee members on the back for a job well done!

  • This is your time to celebrate! It is also time to acknowledge and thank your volunteers, donors, participants, in-kind donors, and sponsors for their support and involvement.


  • Gather your committee to talk about what went well and what you would do differently next time, and to plan for a future event.

Stay in touch

  • After all your hard work, please stay in touch with us. If you would like the foundation to continue relations with event donors, please provide us with their contact information. We would enjoy sharing how your donation made a difference. We would also welcome you to repeat your event.

Help us share your success

  • We want to share the success of your event with our donor and staff community through social media, electronic and print newsletters, and professional media relations. Your event photographs and participant testimonials are welcomed.

Please note that your campaign is subject to review and approval by the Hennepin Healthcare Foundation and administration.

What causes are best suited for an online fundraising campaign?

  • Causes best suited for an online fundraising campaign are typically very specific in need such as one-time purchases of equipment, program enhancements, or patient supplies. These campaigns include a defined start and end date and fundraising goal.
  • The fundraising cause should easily lend itself to online promotion such as email and social media, primarily. Fundraisers should also have a clear idea of who they’re reaching out to for support of their campaign.

Campaign time-frame

  • Your campaign needs a start and an end date. Online fundraising campaigns that last 60 days or less are recommended. Because of the short time frame, donors are more inclined to donate right away rather than waiting and potentially forgetting about the cause.
  •  It might be appropriate for certain campaigns to run longer, we recommend a maximum of 12 months.

Goal setting

  • When deciding on a goal amount for an online campaign, fundraisers should consider:
    • The potential giving capacity of their audience
    • The number of people they plan to ask for support
    • The projected interest in their campaign
    • The campaign time-frame

Grab your donor’s attention

  • People donating to your campaign are often supporting you just as much as the cause you are raising money for, so share an inspiring story, photos, or even a short video to let them know why the cause is important to you. The more compelling your page, the more you will raise.

Donate to your own campaign

  • Kick your campaign off by making the first contribution. It sets the tone for your fundraiser, and people are more likely to support you when they see a donation has already been made.

Spread the word

  • Tell everyone about your campaign! The most effective way to receive donations is to email your friends, family, and coworkers in small batches. Make it as personal as you can.
  • Be proactive and send multiple emails creating a greater sense of urgency each time so people don’t forget about your campaign.
  • In addition to email, share your page on social media or add a link to your website or blog.

Provide updates

  • Campaign updates are very motivating and are a great way to remind people of your fundraising effort. Donors will be excited to see how their gifts are impacting your cause and will love being kept in the loop.

Thank your donors

  • Make sure to thank your donors as soon as possible. When you receive an email alert that someone has donated to your campaign, say thanks right away. The quicker you thank a donor, the more appreciated they will feel and are more likely to give again.
  • It’s important to let your donors know the impact that they are making. This is also a great time to ask your donors to raise the bar and share your fundraising page with their friends and family.

Enjoy it!

  • Generosity happens here because caring for anyone, at any time, in any condition, takes a team of people and resources. Hennepin Healthcare would not be the same without you and every dollar raised will make an impact. Thank you for turning your passion into action.