Generosity Brings Hope & Personal Expression Through Artist in Residence

About Artist in Residence

Twice a week in Hennepin Healthcare’s Comprehensive Cancer Center and inpatient Pediatric units, teaching artists lead patients and family members in fun and creative art activities. Armed with colorful art supplies and big smiles, they can help make a positive difference in the patient’s stay. Often, a visit from an artist in residence is the best part of the day for anxious and bored patients and their families.

A program of Inspire Arts, artist in residence activities, bring hope and personal expression directly to nearly 1,000 patients and their families member each year. Patients joyfully explore blending colors of paint on paper and experience the feeling of clay rolled into a ball or the pride of completing a mosaic self-portrait made of bits of colored paper. Painting, drawing, printmaking, bookmaking, sculpting, and more all allow patients the opportunity to take their minds off of their illness for a few precious minutes.

Research demonstrates that the arts provide opportunities for self-expression, stress reduction, and renewal that all contribute to a more positive healing environment. A gift from you will allow patients to learn a new skill, which is invaluable when fighting an illness.