The Ripple of Love

“In every drop of water, there is a story of life.” –Leena Arif

Clinic & Specialty Center Pediatric Donor Wall

The Ripple of Life art installation honors and remembers our pediatric patients and staff. The aquatic life pieces celebrate their individuality as a part of the community. Our mission is to create healing art that inspires others and comforts children and their families.

As a donor, you can help populate our pediatrics pond. Choose one of the four donor levels and you can create a personal message in memory of a loved one or to celebrate someone special.

Lily Flower 1

Lily Flower - $1,000

Dimensions – Approx. 6” x 6”

There are a total of 20 lily flowers available for sponsorship.

Lily Pads 2

Lily Pad - $2,500

Dimensions – ONLY 9” x 9” option

There are a total of 20 lily pads available for sponsorship.



Small Fish

Small Fish - $5,000

Dimensions – Approx. 13” x 6”

There are a total amount of 40 small fish available for sponsorship.

Large Fish

Large Fish - $7,500

Dimensions – Approx. 15” x 9”

There are a total amount of 40 large fish available for sponsorship.

Questions about supporting the Ripple of Love?
Contact: Marlys Weyandt,  Senior Development Officer

[email protected]   Phone: (612) 741–0672