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Medicine Disposal

Disposing of unwanted or unused medicines is easy. Hennepin Healthcare pharmacies offer medicine disposal bins at six locations.

Proper disposal is important

Prevent misuse and addiction.

Kids are curious and pets are not picky. Accidental medicine poisoning is a frequent call to Poison Control and accidental deaths of children.  The National Library of Medicine cites most poisonings were among children under four years old.

It's the right choice for our environment. 

Traces can leak into water systems and can lead to serious threats to wildlife and even drinking water. Do not flush them down a drain or throw them in the trash unless they are on the FDA flush list.

Which pharmacies have a medicine disposal bin?

Clinic & Specialty Center Pharmacy, Level 1

Richfield Clinic Pharmacy

Whittier Clinic Pharmacy

St. Anthony Village Clinic Pharmacy

Brooklyn Park Clinic Pharmacy

Shapiro Pharmacy, Lower Level

Not accepted:
  • No illegal drugs
  • No needles, Sharps of syringes
    • Find disposal options for needles, sharps and syringes here
  • No medicines from businesses
  • No batteries, trash, medical devices, mercury thermometers or other hazardous materials
  • No cosmetics and personal care products



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