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Continuing Medical Education

Our mission

The Continuing Medical Education (CME) Office at Hennepin Healthcare is committed to empowering healthcare professionals with educational opportunities that foster the knowledge and skills to provide exceptional care that transcends boundaries and positively impacts patients of all backgrounds.

Continuing Medical Education

Continuing Medical Education

Hennepin Healthcare is accredited by the Minnesota Medical Association to provide continuing medical education for physicians. Continuing Medical Education credit is provided through a variety of programs including:

  • Grand Rounds
  • Morbidity and Mortality Review
  • Case Reviews
  • Simulation training
  • DEI activities

Non-physician healthcare providers who participate in CME may submit their statement of attendance to their appropriate accrediting organizations or state boards for consideration of credit. Participants are responsible for determining whether this activity meets the requirements for acceptable continuing education.

Hennepin Healthcare also offers Maintenance of Certification Lifelong Learning (MOC Part 2) Points for several boards.

Additional Services

The Continuing Medical Education Office is here to help with all aspects of medical provider education (even those that aren’t accredited!) We’re happy to provide assistance with any of the following:

  • Consultation for all things provider education
  • Needs analysis (finding the educational gap)
  • Learning methodology determination (including classroom, online, simulation, etc)
  • Curriculum design and development
  • Course design and development
  • Supplemental material development
  • Educational marketing material assistance
  • Registration for educational events
  • Objective writing
  • Evaluation/outcome measurement
  • Educational planning
  • Facilitation
Planning an Activity

Planning a Continuing Medical Education Activity

The Hennepin Healthcare Continuing Medical Education Office is committed to providing quality education to all medical providers. To do this, there are several steps that need to be followed:

  1. Contact the CME office to determine if your material will qualify for CME Credit/MOC Points.
  2. Fill out the CME Activity Application
    • The CME Office accepts new Activity Applications throughout the year. The Activity Application should be submitted at least 1 week prior to the start of your activity.  Reach out to the CME Office if this timeframe can not be met.
    • For Regularly Scheduled Series (RSS) activities or multi-session conferences (such as grand rounds or M&M), one application is completed and each speaker will need to complete a Speaker Form for their individual session. Contact your Department Coordinator for the site-specific Speaker Form.
  3. Complete a Disclosure Form for any persons participating in the planning, writing, or speaking of the education
    • Complete a Mitigation Form if any relevant financial relationships have been disclosed. This will be provided by the CME Office.
  4. Create promotional materials (flyers, email invites, agenda, etc)
    • All promotional materials for CME activities should be approved by the CME Office prior to use or distribution.
    • General CME promotional materials should include Objectives, a CME Credit Statement, an AMA-PRA Credit Statement, and a Disclosure Statement. Once your activity is approved the CME Office will provide you with the specific statements for all promotional materials
    • If MOC Points are also being offered promotional materials should include: Board-specific MOC Statement. Once your activity is approved, the CME Office will provide you with the specific statement for all promotional materials.
  5. Create an Activity Evaluation
  6. During the Activity
    • Take attendance of all learners
    • The ACCME requires that disclosure of all financial relationships (or the lack thereof) for anyone who has control over CME content is communicated to the CME audience prior to or during the activity.
    • If MOC Points are offered, notify learners of
      1. Disclosure of personal information entered in the PARS system for MOC Points to be transmitted to the Board
      2. How they will be assessed/evaluated for the session and what an acceptable evaluation consist of
  7. After the Activity
    • Send attendance to the CME office – within 1 week of the activity date
    • Distribute the Activity Evaluation to all learners
    • For activities with MOC Points; complete the additional items within 1 week of the close of the evaluation:
      • Send provider data to the CME Office to be entered in PARS (this only needs to be provided once per provider).
      • Review evaluation data
      • Send evaluation completion information to the CME Office (to be entered in PARS)
  8. Submit Annual Paperwork. For sessions that run on an academic year paperwork is due in June. For sessions on a calendar year, paperwork is due in December.
    • Completed Activity Application
    • Speaker forms (for RSS activities only or multi-session conferences)
    • Disclosure forms
    • Mitigation forms (as they apply)
    • Disclosure Form for MOC Points
    • Attendance records
    • Evaluation Summary (for RSS or multi-session conferences, you do NOT need to summarize each session. Your annual Summary should assess your series as a whole.)
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