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Consultation - Liaison Psychiatry Fellowship

One-year program with a focus on education relevant to psychosomatic practice

Traditional inpatient consult work

Outpatient experience and rotations focused on advanced expert learning

Open to graduates of General Psychiatry residency

Highly diverse patient base

Experience in public and private settings

Support for and expectation of scholarly activity

Opportunities to join active research projects


About the Program

Program Overview

Founded in 2018, the Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Fellowship offers real-world experience in psychosomatic medical expertise. Fellows gain advanced clinical training in a diverse, multicultural patient environment. The fellowship includes rotations at three leading healthcare systems. We accept one fellow per year into this competitive program.

Our program is designed to ensure graduates possess sound clinical judgment and a high level of knowledge of mental and somatic medicine in preparation for the American Board of Medical Subspecialties C-L Psychiatry examination.


About Our Curriculum

The Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Fellowship program is ideal for fellows planning to practice as a consulting psychiatrist in a variety of settings from emergency departments to inpatient medical-surgical hospitals to specialized integrated outpatient practices.

Foundational Inpatient training and longitudinal Outpatient experience with focused blocks of education

The curriculum begins with a series of months on the C-L teaching service at the primary site, Hennepin Healthcare, concurrent with the start of the longitudinal outpatient experience at the Veterans Administration Medical Center. The year ends with time on C-L Psychiatry at Regions Hospital where the service model trains the fellow to work alongside and in the supervision of non-physician APPs along with rotating junior medical trainees in a real-world setting. In between, there are focused blocks of education, including Medical Toxicology, Emergency Psychiatry, Addiction Medicine, Maternal-Fetal Mental Health, Behavioral Neurology, Neuroimaging, Pain and Palliative Care, and Sleep Medicine. The curriculum is flexible based on areas of interest. Many of the training settings offer opportunities for scholarly activity and relevant clinical research.


Conferences and Research Opportunities

Hennepin Healthcare offers numerous didactic opportunities. Fellows attend weekly Medicine-Psychiatry Rounds – a conference that combines topic-focused and clinical case-based education with participants from medical and psychiatric specialty services.

Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Fellowship trainees are encouraged to attend Special Topics Lectures / Grand Rounds in Psychiatry, Department of Medicine Grand Rounds, Ethics Grand Rounds, and Schwartz Rounds. Additional didactics are built into specific rotations depending upon the training location. Fellows develop a project for presentation at a national or scientific meeting and are encouraged to produce at least one manuscript for publication.


About Our Faculty

A shared commitment to sophisticated medicine for the whole person, psyche and soma, unites our faculty, our fellows, and the residents and students who work and learn with us. Our experienced staff takes a hands-on approach to teaching.

Program leadership

  • Dr. Randy Ward, Program Director, Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Fellowship
  • Dr. Eduardo Colón Navarro, Chief of Psychiatry and Founder of C-L Psychiatry Service, Hennepin Healthcare; Professor of Psychiatry, University of Minnesota
  • Dr. Christine Stanson, Fellowship Site Director, Regions Hospital; Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, University of Minnesota
  • Dr. Laura Gibbons, Fellowship Site Director, Minneapolis Veterans Administration Hospital
Rotation Schedule

About Our Rotations

C-L Psychiatry physicians closely supervise fellows training in psychosomatic medicine at all sites. There is no overnight on-call duty in the curriculum, however, the fellowship director is available 24 hours to consult with fellows to provide additional supervision. We encourage fellows to contact the attending physician if they have any questions about a rotation.

Daily discussion rounds launch the clinical day on inpatient C-L with teaching and case-based/bedside learning comes from direct supervision from attending physicians. Fellows with a particular interest in Critical Care Psychiatry are encouraged to join the ICU team in daily afternoon rounds. They also have the opportunity to teach residents and students on the inpatient C-L Services.

Dedicated presence of teaching staff

Fellows can expect a dedicated presence from the teaching staff for rotations within specific areas. The fellowship director oversees work in medical toxicology and emergency psychiatry. This work takes place during a portion of the academic year and may involve time outside the normal 7-5 weekday routine. Nationally recognized experts teach the fellow on 2 to 4-week rotations in several areas including behavioral neurology, maternal-fetal mental health, and sleep medicine. Additional topics include pain management, palliative care, addiction medicine, traumatic brain injury, and specific illnesses such as Huntington's disease. 

What Sets Us Apart?

Diverse clinical experience.

Rotations at different hospitals give fellows ample opportunity to advance their skills. The complexity of patients at Hennepin Healthcare is particularly challenging; the care delivery model at Regions is practically invaluable; the VA is a nationally-recognized leader in resident education and a superior example in the realm of mental health care for veterans.

Collegial, academic environment.

Our faculty are practicing physicians with a commitment to education. Fellows work daily with specialists, residents, and colleagues across disciplines—a mix that encourages constant discussion, analysis, and a scholarly approach to patient problems. As an academic system, we maintain a long tradition of cooperative teamwork that leads to great patient care. We maintain high standards while also working together in a collaborative fashion.

Academics take priority over service obligations.

Fellows in our program are active participants in care delivery teams, but their presence is not necessary for daily operations or generation of revenue. Thus, the focus is on education and work within teams that support professional growth.

Unique rotations.

Psychosomatic medicine is a broad field in which much of the expertise cannot be learned through direct patient care in a one-year program. Still, we have ensured that we impart core expertise in areas relevant to the subspecialty practice. The focus on skills in medical toxicology and emergency psychiatry is unlike any other in the nation. The year is filled with content-driven rotations, but we do have the flexibility to entertain scheduling modifications of ambitious fellows whose special interests warrant curriculum modification.

Advanced technology and services.

Across our sites, fellows work with healthcare teams of the highest expertise. The Level 1 Trauma centers have expertise in Burn Surgery and ECMO. Inpatient rehabilitative medicine is highly regarded. Longitudinal mental health and dementia care services at the VA are the region’s best. A psychiatrist consulting to these operations sees a widely diverse patient base and learns from the experts to which expertise is provided.

Applications Due November 20

Application Requirements

Your application must include:

  • Common application form
  • Curriculum vitae
    • Describe your activities with professional societies, publications, and any other relevant information about your education or experience.
  • Personal statement of professional goals related to training in psychosomatic medicine
  • Copy of diploma from your medical school
  • Official final transcripts
    • Transcripts must indicate degree earned and date conferred by each medical school you attended. Scanned copies are acceptable. If you receive an appointment, official copies will be requested.
    • Provide certified or notarized English translations of documents originally written in a language other than English.
  • Official test transcripts for all applicable examinations
    • USMLE, LMCC, COMLEX, NBOME, FMGEMS, FLEX, or NBME. Scanned copies are acceptable. If you receive an appointment, official copies will be requested.
  • Valid ECFMG certificate required if you graduated from a medical school outside the U.S. or Canada.
  • Three original letters of recommendation from physicians or faculty members who are thoroughly familiar with your work. Please have the letters sent directly to HCMC by the individuals who compose them. It is advised that your residency program director provide one of the letters of recommendation. Each letter should include the writer's opinion of your professional, academic, and personal qualifications, as well as an opinion of your potential success in the field for which you are applying.
  • Copy of completion certificate from each of your prior residency and/or fellowship training programs and/or a letter in good standing from your current program, from which you are expected to graduate prior to July 1 of the year the fellowship begins.

Non-resident applicants are welcome to apply and must possess a J1 visa or green card; HCMC does not sponsor the H1B visa. Non-resident applicants must submit an ECFMG certificate and results of Steps 1 and II (required) and Step III (if completed).


  1. SubmissionSubmit your application via email to the program coordinator: [email protected]; Hennepin Healthcare; 701 Park Avenue, G2.246; Minneapolis, MN  55415. The Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Fellowship will contact selected candidates individually. We are participating in the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP).
  2. Scoring: Our program does not require a minimum score on any particularly standardized tests. Each applicant will be scored based on these criteria:
    • Recommendation letters
    • Interview
    • Test scores
  3. Interviews: Selected applicants will be invited for interviews. We hold interviews on a rolling basis as applications are received.

Key Dates:

  • Application deadline: November 20.
  • Interviews: Selected applicants will be contacted by the program coordinator.

About Our Facility

The Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Fellowship is based within the main Hennepin Healthcare campus, which spans five city blocks in downtown Minneapolis and houses in-patient and ambulatory services, our Level I Adult and Pediatric Trauma Center, the region’s highest volume Emergency Department, and numerous specialty clinics—all within a single facility. Nearly one-fourth of the inpatient beds in the hospital are for psychiatric patients, and the C-L service follows more than 10% of the patients in Medical-Surgical beds at any given time.


Alysia Wood

Residency Coordinator

[email protected]

Hennepin Healthcare
701 Park Avenue, G2.246
Minneapolis MN 55415

Ward Randy Contact

Randy Ward

Fellowship Director
[email protected]

Hennepin Healthcare
701 Park Avenue, R7.255
Minneapolis, MN  55415

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