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Psychiatry Residency

4-year ACGME-accredited program

Rotations at two diverse community training hospitals

Multiple community clinics available

Established in 1996 ACT team participation

Balanced psychotherapeutic and medication management training

Exceptional history of employment and fellowship opportunities

About the Program

Diverse clinical experience in community and inpatient settings

A Message from the Program Director
Thanks for your interest in training with us at Hennepin Healthcare and Regions Hospital. Our Program aims to train Clinically Excellent, Academically Informed, and Culturally Competent psychiatrists to serve the communities of the Twin Cities and Greater Minnesota — and this is what we’re all about. As an outpatient first-episode schizophrenia and general psychiatrist, I am grateful to be part of this community of psychiatrists. It’s simply a privilege to serve with our residents — excellent young physicians who are enthusiastic about the clinical challenges they encounter in our hospitals and clinics every day. Our trainees thrive on the opportunity to make human connections — to build effective teams, recognize the many ways that social determinants affect our patients’ health, and advocate for our patients on individual and systemic levels. We look forward to meeting you, and hope that you will join us! Dr. Stamatis A. Zeris

We train the next generation of psychiatrists. Our dedicated faculty, patient diversity, and advanced facilities make Hennepin Healthcare and Regions a great place to develop your skills.

Established in 1996, our program provides exceptional clinical training, from emergency rotations and inpatient service to outpatient work in private practice, community clinics, and in-home consultations.

Both Hennepin Healthcare and Regions Hospital serve the immigrant and underserved population. Our residents serve patients of all cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. Residents also collaborate with physicians, social workers, and therapists, fostering learning at all levels.


Early leadership opportunities and strong clinical focus

The Psychiatry residency includes diverse clinical opportunities, balanced inpatient and outpatient rotations, as well as a flexible PGY-4 year to focus on individual interests. We encourage hands-on learning and leadership opportunities early, working side-by-side with experienced professionals in a collaborative environment.

Focus on education and research

Hennepin Healthcare and Regions both place strong institutional value on education and research. Every resident enjoys a weekly half-day of protected time for didactics and conferences, to create a well-rounded learning environment. Residents interested in clinical research or quality improvement projects will find ample support in our foundations, the Research Institute, and the HealthPartners Institute.


PGY-1: Train in our hospitals’ state-of-the-art inpatient psychiatric units, and rotate on internal medicine, pediatrics, and neurology teams.

PGY-2: Grow as leaders on inpatient psychiatry and the highly regarded consultation-liaison services, with additional rotations in chemical dependency, geriatrics, and inpatient child and adolescent psychiatry.  Also start to develop psychotherapy skills in a structured curriculum.

PGY-3: See the full spectrum of community outpatient experience, including dedicated therapy clinics, general outpatient clinics, child and adolescent psychiatry clinics, and community Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) teams working hands-on with clients around the metro.  Continue to develop psychotherapy skills with regular outpatient therapy patients.

PGY-4: Hone psychiatry skills with generous and flexible elective opportunities, including clinical research, quality improvement projects, and two international rotations.


Didactic Opportunities

Conference Overview and Research Opportunities
Psychiatry residents enjoy a weekly half-day of protected time for didactics, including departmental lectures and conferences. We expect residents to be onsite and engaged in educational activities during this period, even if no formal meetings are scheduled.

In addition, ample opportunities exist at both Hennepin Healthcare and Regions Hospital for clinical research and quality improvement projects. Both organizations operate separate, nonprofit research foundations: the Research Institute, and the HealthPartners Institute.


Interviewing & Data gathering

  • Faculty Seminar Series – Hennepin Healthcare
  • Faculty Seminar Series – Regions
  • History of Psychiatry
  • Inpatient Case Conference
  • Intro to Inpatient Psychiatry
    • Basics: MSE, Interviewing, Charting
    • MN forensic basics
    • DSM-V
    • Medical Care of Psychiatric Pts
  • Intro to Psychopharmacology
  • Intro to Quality Improvement
  • Intro to Supportive Psychotherapy
  • Intro to Cultural and Community Psychiatry
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Presentation Skills/Public Speaking
  • Journal Club
  • Trauma Stewardship
  • PRITE Review (in-house test)
  • Religion and Spirituality I
  • Simulation Center

PGY-2/3 Combined Didactics

Formulation & Treatment, Teaching & Leadership

  • Addiction Psychiatry
  • Caring for LGBTQIA+ Patients
  • Child Psychiatry Seminar
  • Child Psychopathology
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Community Psychiatry
    • Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry
    • Ethics and Professionalism
    • Emergency Psychiatry
  • Eating Disorders
  • Ethics and Culture Case Conference
  • Evidence-Based Medicine
    • Journal Club & Literature Analysis
  • Forensics
  • Geriatric Psychiatry
    • Neuropsych Assessment
  • PRITE Review
  • Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
  • Psychopharmacology I & II
  • Quality Improvement/Research
  • Religion and Spirituality II
  • Sexuality/Sexual History
  • Sleep Medicine
  • Women’s/Perinatal Psychiatry


Leadership & Career Planning

  • Administrative Psych/Transition to Practice
  • Advanced Psychopharmacology
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Forensics
  • Group Psychotherapy
  • Journal Club
  • Leadership Seminar
  • Marriage/Family Therapy
  • PRITE/ABPN Review and Prep

About Our Faculty

Experienced Faculty Focused on Teaching
More than 20 core faculty lead the Psychiatry Residency at Hennepin Healthcare and Regions Hospital. Our teaching faculty are all full-time clinicians with a passion for treating the mentally ill. As a group, they represent decades of experience in psychiatry and psychiatric sub-specialties. We consider it a privilege to teach the next generation of mental health professionals as an essential function of our daily practice.

Program Leadership

  • Dr. Stamatis A. Zeris, Program Director, Hennepin-Regions Psychiatry Training Program
  • Dr. Kelly Lamb, Associate Program Director, Hennepin Healthcare
  • Dr. Scott A. Oakman, Associate Program Director, Regions Hospital

Fellowship Program Leadership

  • Dr. Randy Ward,  Director of C-L Service, Consult Liaison Fellowship, Hennepin Healthcare, ACGME accredited

Areas of Expertise

Every day our faculty share their dedication and expertise in a variety of key disciplines.

Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)
Dr. Victoria Brown-Nyseth (ACT Team – Washington County)
Dr. John Darling (ACT Team RADIAS)
Dr. Steven Harker (ACT Team - Ramsey County)
Dr. Mukesh Kumar (ACT Team-Radias)
Dr. Sixing Liang (ACT Team – Ramsey County)
Dr. Julie Peters (ACT Team -  Radias)
Dr. Steven Talsness (ACT Team -Anoka)
Dr. Walter Rush (ACT Team-Elk River)
Dr. John Vuchetich (ACT Team -Guild)

Acute Psychiatric Services
Dr. Yoshiko Hapke (Hennepin-Healthcare)
Dr. Kathleen Heaney (Hennepin Healthcare)
Dr. Andrea Lundberg (Hennepin Healthcare)
Dr. Ngozi Wamuo (Hennepin Healthcare)

Addiction Psychiatry
Dr. Kathleen Heaney (Hennepin Healthcare)
Dr. Scott Oakman (Regions)
Dr. Charles Reznikoff (Hennepin Healthcare)
Christopher Darnell (Regions)

Child Psychiatry
Dr. Jasleen Gill (Health Partners)
Dr. Elizabeth Reeve (HealthPartners West Clinic)
Dr. John Wermager (Hennepin Healthcare)

Forensic Psychiatry
Dr. Bradleigh Dornfeld (Hennepin Healthcare)
Dr. Ian Heath (Hennepin Healthcare)
Dr. Lorri Sills (Hennepin Healthcare)

G-POD (Emergency Psychiatry) (Regions)
Dr. Taylor Atchison (Regions)
Dr. Leena Ranade (Regions)

Inpatient Psychiatry
Dr. Kola Adediran (Regions)
Dr. Elisha Arata (Regions)
Dr. Taylor Atchison (Regions)
Dr. James Black (Regions)
Dr. Bradleigh Dornfeld (Hennepin Healthcare)
Dr. Lindsay Fox (Regions)
Dr. Thomas Fewer (Regions)
Dr. Christina Frazel (Hennepin Healthcare)
Dr. Marilyn Hammond (Regions)
Dr. Ian Heath (Hennepin Healthcare)
Dr. Natasha Kohli (Regions)
Dr. Rachel Kuntz (Hennepin Healthcare)
Dr. Kelly Lamb (Hennepin Healthcare)
Dr. Taimur Malik (Regions)
Dr. Scott Oakman (Regions)
Dr. Leena Ranade (Regions)
Dr. Tracy Tomac (Regions)
Dr. Donald Wiger (Regions)
Dr. Janet Zander (Regions)

Outpatient Clinic (various metro sites)
Dr. Onaisa Ansar (HealthPartners – West)
Dr. John Bodnar (Hennepin Healthcare)
Dr. James Chastek (Ramsey County Mental Health Center)
Dr. Jane Dever (HealthPartners - West)
Dr. Barbara Johnson (Hennepin Healthcare)
Dr. Lauren Klee (HealthPartners – Woodbury)
Dr. Peter Mayer (HealthPartners – West)
Dr. Erica Mitchell (Hennepin Healthcare)
Dr. Sudhir Reddy (Health Partners Regions Behavioral Health)
Dr. Vanessa Stumpf (Hennepin Healthcare)
Dr. Karen Ta (HealthPartners)
Dr. Laura Van Cleve (Hennepin Healthcare)
Dr. Helen Wood (Hennepin Healthcare- Whittier Clinic)
Dr. Stamatis A. Zeris (Hennepin Healthcare)

Partial Hospital (Hennepin Healthcare)
Dr. Michelle Tichey (Hennepin Healthcare)

Consult-Liaison Psychiatry
Dr. Lisa Capell (Regions)
Dr. Elizabeth Crow (Regions)
Dr. Eduardo Colón Navarro
(Hennepin Healthcare)
Dr. Christine Stanson (Regions)
Dr. Randy Ward (Hennepin Healthcare)
Dr. John Wermager (Hennepin Healthcare)

Mother-Baby Program (Redleaf Center for Family Healing)
Dr. Helen Kim (Hennepin Healthcare)
Dr. Katie Thorsness (Hennepin Healthcare)

Rotation Schedule

Rotation Schedule

Rotations at diverse community hospitals and clinics

PGY-1 Rotations

Psychiatry (6 months)

Inpatient Psychiatry, Hennepin Healthcare, (3 months)
Inpatient Psychiatry, Regions, (3 months)

Neurology and Primary Care (6 months)

Internal Medicine, Hennepin Healthcare or Regions, (2 months)
Neurology, Hennepin Healthcare, (1 month)
Neurology Consults, Regions, (1 month)
Pediatrics, Hennepin Healthcare, (1 month)
Emergency Medicine, Hennepin Healthcare(1 month)

Protected Weekly Didactics, 1- Half-day

PGY-2 Rotations

Inpatient Psychiatry, Hennepin Healthcare, (2 months)
Inpatient Psychiatry, Regions (2 months)
Consult-Liaison Psychiatry, Hennepin Healthcare, (2 months)
Consult-Liaison Psychiatry, Regions (2 months)
Acute Psychiatric Services (APS, Hennepin Healthcare), (1 month)
Addiction Psychiatry, HealthPartners Hudson and Hazelden, 5 weeks
Inpatient Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, United Hospital or Abbott Northwestern, (1 month)
Geriatric Psychiatry, Minneapolis VAMC, (1 month)

Protected Weekly Didactics, 1- Half-day

Protected Weekly Therapy Didactics, 1-Half day

PGY-3 Rotations

Our PGY-3 year is outpatient-oriented and organized longitudinally across the week.

General Medication Management Clinics, 2- Half-days
Hennepin Healthcare Outpatient Department
HealthPartners/Regions community clinics 

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Clinic, 1- Half-day

Community ACT Teams, 2-3- Half-days

Therapy Clinics, 2-3 Half-days

Didactics & Supervision
Hamm Clinic

Hennepin Healthcare S1 Therapy Clinic

Scholarly Activity Project, 1- Half-day

Protected Weekly Didactics, 1- Half-day

PGY-4 Rotations

Electives (12 months—may be organized in monthly blocks or as longitudinal clinics, individualized according to resident’s educational goals)

Protected Weekly Didactics, 1- Half-day

Continuity Clinic, 1- half day

Outpatient Electives

Integrative Clinics

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Community Mental Health/ACT teams
Forensic/Correctional Psychiatry
Women’s Mental Health/Mother-Baby Partial Hospital
Sleep Medicine
Eating Disorders
Addiction Psychiatry
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Hospital-centered Electives

Emergency Psychiatry (APS)
Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry
Geriatric/Hospice & Palliative Psychiatry

Educational Electives

Chief/Lead Resident
Administrative Psychiatry
International rotation

Research/Teaching Activity



Hennepin-Regions Psychiatry Residency Program is excited to introduce our own 4-week Parental Elective Rotation!. We have created this elective rotation as a way to allow new parents to extend their time at home with their families while still reaching ACGME psychiatry milestones (development through the life cycle, family centered communication skills, psychopathology across the life cycle, clinical neuroscience, psychotherapy, system-based navigation for patient care, and professionalism well-being). The goal is to improve parent and child wellness, improve work-life integration and hopefully see additional residency programs (in psychiatry and other specialties) adopt a similar elective.  

A Parental Elective Rotation syllabus has been created and will be provided to residents who decide to participate in this rotation. There are several assignments to complete and courses/advocacy work, as well as regular supervision, call duties, and didactic attendance. They can take it at any point during the PGY1-4 years. Residents are not allowed to take this during off-service rotations, Geriatric Psychiatry, or Inpatient CAP, and instead will have it schedule in lieu of an inpatient psychiatry rotation, CL psychiatry, or APS. Please note that they will have to make up this psychiatry rotation during their fourth year of residency. 

Doctors and Nurse discussing case


"Residency has been one of the most humbling experiences, and I feel fortunate to have training among a program that fosters such unique clinical, personal and professional growth.  I know I am prepared for the journey ahead in practice. If given the chance, I would do it over again." - Psychiatry resident

“I appreciate the strong clinical experiences in this program. The diversity of patient experiences made for excellent learning opportunities and was matched with a memorable amount of compassion from staff.” - Psychiatry resident

What Sets Us Apart?

Full spectrum of clinical experience.

Our program prepares residents for all areas of psychiatric care, from community-based clinics and inpatient psychiatry to specialized treatment for children and adolescents, the elderly, and those with chemical dependency.

Leading facilities.

Regions Hospital offers a new, state-of-the-art inpatient mental health facility. Hennepin Healthcare houses one of the region’s largest and busiest emergency departments. Both hospitals have 100+ inpatient beds and a wide network of community-based clinics and outpatient services.

Assertive Community Treatment approach.

Residents train and work in the ACT model, a team approach that integrates psychiatric treatment, rehabilitation, and support to serve individuals with serious and persistent mental illnesses.

Personal and career development.

Our resident-centered program enables each resident to hone their professional interests with elective rotations, clinical research, or quality improvement projects. We promote a family atmosphere that includes annual retreats and combines training, service, and recreation.

Employment and fellowship opportunities.

Since inception, we’ve launched the careers of graduates, with the majority serving in the Twin Cities. Our graduates are among the most sought-after in the field, with many accepting prestigious and competitive fellowships across the country.

Psychiatry Resident Collage 2023

Application Requirements

Interviews will be scheduled as online sessions of approximately four hours including informational sessions, informal interaction with residents, and individual interviews with program faculty. Applicants will be notified via Interview Broker of available openings when invited. Interviews will be conducted virtually via zoom due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Applications Due November 1

  • Medical school transcripts
  • Dean's letter
  • Minimum of three letters of recommendation, at least one from a psychiatrist.
  • USMLE Step 1 or COMLEX
  • Personal statement - Applicants are encouraged to state specific interests in the Hennepin-Regions Psychiatry Training Program

Applications received after November 1 will be reviewed only if interview times are available. We recommend submitting your application as early as possible, even if some details are incomplete.

Non-resident applicants are welcome to apply. We accept ECFMG sponsored J1 Visas.


Submission: Submit your application through the Electronic Resident Application System (ERAS). Contact your medical school’s student affairs or dean’s office for instructions. We do not accept applications through the mail. HCMC participates in the National Resident Match Program (NRMP).

Scoring: Our program requires a pass of USMLE steps I and II by the second attempt. We also accept COMLEX scores following the same criteria. Although we do not require your USMLE Step II CK and CS at the time of the interview, we highly recommend arranging your testing schedule such that passing scores are reported before February 1.

We give priority to recent medical school graduates, with a degree granted within the last five years. We consider applicants with psychiatry experience in the U.S. and/or other countries.

Each applicant will be scored based on these criteria:

  • Board exams (USMLE or COMLEX)
  • Letters of recommendation, preferably at least two from psychiatrists
  • Personal statement
  • Medical school transcripts
  • Dean’s letter
  • Research
  • Honors and accomplishments
  • Demonstrated commitment to the field of psychiatry
  • Diversity experience and commitment

We require that residents pass USMLE Step 3 by February 15 of the PGY-2 year. Failure to do so will result in non-renewal of the resident contract.

Neither hospital sponsors psychiatry observerships, shadowing or externships.

Interviews: Selected applicants will be invited for interviews.

We will notify selected candidates by email.

About Our Facility

Psychiatry residents train at two leading hospitals in the Twin Cities, both with a demonstrated commitment to the region’s safety net patient population. Hennepin Healthcare and Regions Hospital are large academic systems with a commitment to teaching.


contact photo only cheryl christenson

Cheryl Christianson

Program Coordinator
[email protected]

Hennepin Healthcare
Psychiatry Residency Program
701 Park Avenue, B5.118
Minneapolis MN 55415

Wensmann Kristin Contact

Kris Wensmann

Residency Coordinator


[email protected]

Regions Hospital
640 Jackson Street, MS# 11202F
St. Paul, MN 55101

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