Emergency Medicine Residency Testimonials

"I had an incredible opportunity to be Pit Boss for a third year. There are amazing coordinators, co‐residents, and faculty who are world‐class educators, but still allow enough autonomy to be just outside of your comfort zone!"

Ed Resident Patient 1

"As an urban, Level 1 Trauma Center, we see patients suffering from everything from bread and butter pathology to rare illnesses seen in our diverse immigrant population. We take care of massive blunt and penetrating trauma cases managed by the ED, in collaboration with our excellent surgery colleagues."

Ed Chief Residents 1

"I wanted to train in a county program, and what sets HCMC apart is that it is leading the field. The staff docs are publishing practice‐changing research and defining what modern emergency medicine should be."

emergency department residents discussing case looking at computer

"HCMC has a long history of having the brightest and most innovative faculty in emergency medicine.  The culture of the residency program is ownership and responsibility at the highest level for any patient who comes to the ED.  The pit bosses and EM staff receive by far the most amount of autonomy for patient care compared to other programs I explored."

Ed Chief 1

"I did a rotation here and had a great time.  I was surprised at the level of acuity of the patient population and the diversity of the Twin Cities. Specifically, there are large Latino, Native American, African‐
American, and Asian populations. There are also patients of urban low
socioeconomic status that I always envisioned being a physician advocate for."

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