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David E. Tupper, PhD, LP, ABPP-CN

Commitment to Patient-Centered Care

“I am committed to providing patient-centered care to all ages with expertise, compassion, and understanding. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to practice neuropsychology in a community-based setting which serves patients from diverse cultural and personal backgrounds.”

Clinical Expertise

Dr. Tupper is a Neuropsychologist. His clinical interests include children and adults with head injuries and executive impairment from frontal lobe lesions. His research interests include cross-cultural approaches to neuropsychological assessment, cognitive consequences of medical disorders, motor dysfunction and assessment, and subtle neuropsychological deficiencies in children with suspected learning and other neurocognitive disorders. Dr. Tupper also has an active role in the Brain Injury Research Lab.


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For additional publications, please visit PubMed.org.

Professional Affiliations

  • American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology
  • American Psychological Association
  • International Neuropsychological Society
  • National Academy of Neuropsychology
  • Society for Cognitive Rehabilitation


  • Board-certified in Clinical Neuropsychology
  • Doctoral degree in Neuropsychology, University of Victoria
  • Certified in Pediatric Clinical Neuropsychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology
  • Member, HCMC/MMRF Human Subjects Research Committee
  • Professor, Department of Neurology, University of Minnesota Medical School