Demarais Marielle

Marielle Demarais, PhD, LP

Commitment to Patient-Centered Care

“I believe in the resiliency of people to overcome serious mental illness and live meaningful lives. I shape my work around the patient’s needs and dreams, partnering with people to accomplish their goals and improve their quality of life.”

Clinical Expertise

Dr. Demarais is a clinical psychologist specializing in the care of patients with new onset schizophrenia-spectrum illnesses. She received her BA from DePaul University and went on to earn her PhD in Clinical Psychology from Kent State University in 2012. She completed postdoctoral specialization in serious mental illness from the Minneapolis Veterans Affairs Health Care System in 2013. Dr. Demarais serves as both the Chief of Psychology and the Program Director for the HOPE Program at Hennepin Healthcare. Dr. Demarais is also the Site Principal Investigator for the NIMH EPINET research study.


Note that Dr. Demarais is listed below as M. Divilbiss.

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Professional Affiliations

  • American Psychological Association, Task Force on Serious Mental Illness member
  • EPINET Racial Equity TA Tools and Resources Committee member
  • Psychosis-Risk and Early Psychosis Program Network member


  • Board certified as a licensed psychologist


“I love balancing my work as a psychologist by spending time with my family. I enjoy traveling, hiking and biking, reading, cooking, and trying new restaurants with friends. Though I am no fan of Minnesota winters, I enjoy spending as much time as possible outside and find the spring, summer and fall delightful.”