Odland Rick

Rick M. Odland, MD, PhD, FACS


Commitment to Patient-Centered Care

“I think the best approach to patient-centered care is to treat each patient as if they are a member of your family. I am sometimes asked if I would recommend a particular treatment for a family member. This is a reasonable question to ask if there are a couple alternative treatments, but often there is just one recommended treatment. I tell them yes, absolutely, and that I could not imagine proposing surgery or other treatments that I wouldn’t recommend for myself or my family if we were in their situation.”

Clinical Expertise

Dr. Odland is a general otolaryngologist and enjoys many areas of otolaryngology. He has special expertise in facial trauma. He has developed several innovative methods of trauma care.He was a Diving Medical Officer in the Navy and has particular interest in treatment of diving injuries as they relate to the sinuses and ears.


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Medical School

  • Creighton University, Omaha, NE, USA


  • Otolaryngology, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, USA

Professional Affiliations

  • Professor, Department of Otolaryngology, University Of Minnesota
  • Fellow, American College of Surgeons
  • American Academy of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery
  • Minnesota Academy of Otolaryngology


  • American Board of Otolaryngology
  • American Board Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery


  • 2015 Best Doctors Minnesota Monthly
  • Past President, Minnesota Academy of Otolaryngology


“I enjoy being outdoors, especially if I can be with my children or grandchildren. I particularly love being on the water.”