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Dysautonomia / Long COVID Physical Therapy

Physical therapists that specialize in the evaluation and treatment of people who are experiencing Long COVID as well as dysautonomia, including POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome).

At your first appointment, the physical therapist will take a detailed medical history and complete an examination. Your physical therapist will then suggest a treatment plan based on your specific goals.


Dysautonomia occurs when there is disruption of the autonomic nervous system (which controls body functions like heart rate, breathing, digestion). Physical therapy can assist with identifying what is contributing to symptoms and assist in recovery.


Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) is a specific medical diagnosis with symptoms that can be addressed through physical therapy. POTS is a disorder that causes your heart rate to increase when you stand up from lying down. Our physical therapists have developed a comprehensive treatment approach so you can manage it the best way.


Physical therapists play a role in management of long COVID symptoms. Our program utilizes a tailored approach to each persons’ presentation and goals.

Treatment approaches

Tasks/roles/responsibility management

The physical therapist will assess your ability to complete your day to day activities. These activities may be home, work, community related roles and responsibilities. Physical therapy will assist you with optimizing your ability and/or approach to successfully participating in these tasks.

Activity recommendations specific to each individual

This includes tailored strength training as well cardiovascular training to optimize tolerance to activities.

Energy management

This training focuses on improving nervous system regulation with a focus on your individual needs. This includes methods such as education, management strategies, and activity modifications.