Mental Health Services

A cancer diagnosis can create emotional and psychological distress for patients and loved ones.

An oncology mental health professional is available to provide psychotherapy to patients and families who are learning to cope with the many challenges that occur when living with cancer. All new patients are offered psychotherapy services, however, all individuals may find this therapy helpful at any time along the cancer journey.

What is psychotherapy?

Oncology psychotherapy involves short-term, cancer-focused treatment for patients, with the option to have partners, caregivers, or other family members present. Together therapist and patient develop and work toward goals around coping with the challenges of living with cancer. The psychotherapist communicates with the oncology care team and is located in the Comprehensive Cancer Center.

When to consider oncology mental health services

  • If you have been recently diagnosed with cancer
  • If you experience emotional distress regarding a cancer diagnosis and/or environmental factors related to a cancer diagnosis
  • If you are interested in developing new ways to tackle cancer related stress
  • If you have recently completed cancer treatments
  • If you are looking for someone to talk to

Appointments can be made through a clinician referral.