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Partial Hospital Program

The Partial Hospital Program is a time-limited, structured program of psychiatric services, group psychotherapy, and other therapeutic services specifically designed to meet the mental health needs of individuals experiencing an acute crisis.


To schedule an intake or request additional information, please call 612-873-2212.

The fax number for PHP is 612-873-1697.

Program Overview

The Partial Hospital Program program provides short-term (approximately 3 weeks) intensive mental health treatment as an alternative to inpatient hospitalization or as an option following inpatient psychiatric hospitalization. The goal of the Partial Hospital Program is to reduce the need for inpatient psychiatric hospitalization whenever possible while supporting mental health recovery. The program’s philosophy is based on the belief that individuals can learn to cope effectively with symptoms and stressors.

Program Schedule

The total length of the program varies based on the unique patient need. Most patients participate for 3 weeks. Each day in the program, patients are in six group sessions that are 45 minutes each. There are several breaks during the day. Lunch is served every day.


Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: 10AM to 3:45PM
Tuesday and Thursday: 10AM to 4:30PM
Program services include:

  • Individualized psychiatric medication evaluation and management services
  • Psychotherapy groups focused on learning and practicing new skills
  • Education groups focused on a variety of recovery-oriented topics
  • Occupational Therapy and Therapeutic Recreation groups
  • Groups focusing on reviewing progress toward recovery goals

The treatment team includes a psychiatrist, a registered nurse, an occupational therapist, a psychiatric case worker, and a clinical psychologist.

Our Commitment to Health and Wellness

In addition to mental health recovery, our staff is committed to ensuring physical health and wellness. To that end, active patients in either program have access to regular care from our staff nurse, access to our on-site primary medicine clinic, and access to a cardiologist. We are also pleased to offer smoking cessation groups and food and nutrition services.

Referrals and Intakes

Patients or their caregivers can schedule an intake appointment by calling the program. Internal referrals are made via EPIC, and external referrals are made via fax. Some patients may qualify for expedited intake, admission, or orientation. Please contact the program number for details.

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