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Neurology Clinic

Neurology is the medical specialty concerned with the diagnosis and management of conditions affecting the brain, spinal cord, nerves, and muscles.

Neurology Clinic

Clinic & Specialty Center

715 South 8th Street, Level 3

Minneapolis, MN 55404

Our expert and compassionate staff in our outpatient clinic and labs evaluate patients with concerns for disorders of the brain, nerves and muscles. We care for patients with stroke, movement disorders, neuromuscular diseases, head and face pain, seizures and sleep disorders. We have access to state-of the-art imaging modalities, electrodiagnostic tests, neuropsychological tests and therapies.

The Department of Neurology operates inpatient and outpatient neurology services. Our outpatient clinic sees 5,000 patients a year. We welcome all patients, referred and self-referred, pediatric and adults. We offer full scope of neurologic evaluations to diagnose and treat.