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Disability Resources

Deaf & Immigrant Center for Education

About Us

Hennepin Healthcare’s Deaf & Immigrant Center for Education (DICE) exists to help our immigrant and hard of hearing patients and families communicate effectively. We strive to transcend hearing and language barriers by providing realistic hands-on training.

DICE employs two Certified Deaf Community Health Workers (DCHW) who work with patients on the Hennepin Healthcare campus and in their own homes to meet goals identified by their care providers. DICE is also an educational resource for high school students and other deaf community members. It was established with funding from the Hennepin Healthcare Foundation.

Our Team

Nathan Ellis

Anita Buel
Senior Deaf Community Health Worker

Mary Edwards
Senior Deaf Community Health Worker

Additional Online Resources

Deaf, Deaf-Blind & Hard of Hearing Resources


If you have questions or want more details about the information in these videos, please contact the Patient Representatives Office at 612-873-8585. Arrange for a qualified interpreter or auxiliary aid by contacting the Interpreter Services office at 612-873-5663.


The following videos are for patients who are deaf, deaf-blind, and hard of hearing. ASL translations and English captions are included in the videos. If you are a patient and would like a DVD copy of this information, ask your nurse to contact Interpreter Services for a copy. All videos are created on MediaSite.

Captions for ASL translations represent a translation from the ASL back into English. They provide less complicated language than the original English and more concrete examples.

This material is owned by Hennepin Healthcare for the use of potential and current patients. Special thanks to Digiterp Communications and T.S. Writing Services for writing and video production services. Joanne Langdon-Larson, Dianne Lyles, and Kathleen Youngblom provided review services prior to final production.