March is Brain Injury Awareness Month

2024 Brain Injury Awareness Month Events

March may be over, but brain injuries take place all year long. Read on to learn more about brain injuries, research, and injury prevention.

The TBI Center Presents: A Discussion on Research and TBI

By David Darrow, MD, MPH; Assistant Professor, University of MN Department of Neurosurgery and Rockswold-Kaplan Endowed Chair for Traumatic Brain Injury at Hennepin Healthcare

The Future of TBI: The Intersection of Neuromodulation and Cognitive Neuroscience for Restoring Function

Discover the future of traumatic brain injury (TBI) recovery in our enlightening talk on the synergy between neuromodulation and cognitive neuroscience. Learn how cutting-edge treatments from the Restorative Neurotrauma Lab at HHRI are paving the way for personalized rehabilitation, offering new hope to individuals affected by TBI. Join us for an exploration of innovative strategies that are transforming the landscape of brain injury recovery.

This talk was recorded at Hennepin Healthcare during a live and virtual event on 3/28/24.

TBI Research Dr. David Darrow TBI Month 2024

A Discussion on Research  and TBI

David Darrow, MD, MPH

Healthy Matters Podcast

Dr. Matthew Puderbaugh joined Dr. David Hilden for Season 3, Episode 8 "Getting our Brains Around TBI and Concussions". Hear the podcast.


2024 Past Brain Injury Awareness Month Events


Brain Injury Awareness Day at the Minnesota State Capitol

On Tuesday, March 12; we partnered with co-host the  Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance for Brain Injury Awareness Day at the Minnesota State Capitol.

Brain Injury Awareness Day is over, but it’s not too late to get involved. Become a  Citizen Advocate with the Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance. Contact Jeff Nachbar, Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance Public Policy Director, [email protected], for more information.


Bike Helmet Sale

We had another successful bike helmet sale with the Trauma Prevention Program on March 20 & 21. Thanks to all who made a purchase. Kudos to those who didn't need a new helmet but let us know they wear one while biking.

Bike Helmet Sale Brain Injury Awareness Month Trauma Services

Read our Patient Stories

Matthew nearly died after a crash left him clinging to life.

Brenden's high school wrestling accident started him on a miraculous one-year journey.

Kris navigates everything head on as she adapts to her new normal.

Brain Injury Prevention

Some of the littlest people in our lives are at the highest risk of sustaining a brain injury. Visit our new Pediatric Brain Injury Prevention website for important information on how to keep them safe.

And visit our Brain Injury Prevention webpage to learn about strategies to prevent brain injury in individuals of all ages.

Get involved

Learn more about Traumatic Brain Injury.

Join our TBI Outpatient Program Alumni Community. Visit our Traumatic Brain Injury Outpatient Program page to sign up.

Make a donation to support our Traumatic Brain Injury Center. If you want your funds to help patients who sustain TBI and the staff who care for them, choose 'Other' under the designation drop down, then type 'TBI Center' in the box.

Connect with our partners at the Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance. They are working hard every day to provide support and link people with resources across Minnesota.