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Healthy Employees. Healthy Business.

A webinar series for a healthy start to the new year

We want to share our expertise on all things health with our community of employers. We’ve planned topics and resources that you can share with your workforce.

2023 webinar series schedule. All sessions are scheduled for 2 pm.

Supporting the whole person through Integrative Health. We will discuss four pathways to a lifetime of wellbeing. 

You will learn: 

  • Effects of stress and a stress management toolkit 
  • Nutrition and its impact on chronic inflammation  
  • Movement and its positive effect on many common health conditions 
  • Effects of sleep deficiency and strategies to recover restful sleep  

Presented by Hennepin Healthcare’s Integrative Medicine team.

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Gain a deeper understanding of ACOs and how they work to benefit you and your employees. 

You will learn: 

  • What is an ACO vs "regular" health insurance 
  • Why all ACOs are not created equal
  • Why health systems and payers want to create ACO partnerships
  • Why should I choose an ACO (for myself or for my employees) 

Presented by our partner, Medica. 


Health equity is essential for optimal health outcomes. We will outline why health inequity barriers may be affecting your employee’s ability to get the care they need. Presented by our Health Equity Education team.

Deeper dive into how health care disparities play a role in the broader communities and why knowing is paramount to becoming an equitable employer.

'Missed Part 1? No worries, join us anyway! 

10 ways to reduce pain at work. Presented by Hennepin Healthcare’s Integrative Medicine team.

Final session on advancing health equity in the workplace. Presented by our Health Equity Education team.

'Missed Part 1 and/or 2? No worries, join us anyway! 

How to keep families safe and out of the hospital during summer fun!


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