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Sharing the Caring

Send a special note to care providers - and all the brave heroes on the front lines

Here at Hennepin Healthcare, we are so proud and extremely grateful for our care providers and all of our compassionate employees at this time of crisis. But we also realize the care and support teams here make up just a fraction of the healthcare workers around the world that are helping battle this worldwide pandemic.

Please take just a moment to send a THANK YOU, or a simple note of gratitude to all of the members of our team and healthcare workers all across the state, the nation and THE WORLD.

- Jennifer DeCubellis, CEO, Hennepin Healthcare 

Notes from our community

Estrella G

Mundelein, IL

Thank you for all the amazing work you've done and continue to do: thank you for putting in all those hours, thank you for taking care of us, thank you for being so devoted and strong. You are a true hero, you all are. Thank you to everyone.

Jul 19

Nora A

Rancho Cucomunga, California

This crisis reveals cracks in our system, our misplaced priorities and the under-valued people and institutions. But you guys in the healthcare world have *also* been revealed!! Your professionalism, fortitude and readiness to do your jobs has been revealed. And though we let you down by getting caught ill-equipped, while we catch up and realize our errors, you all have stayed on the line and endured a volume and heart-breaking intensity that no one could have imagined. Thank you THANK YOU for being examples of the best of us, and for being lights in this darkness. Thank you!

Jul 17


Brawley, California

Hennepin Healthcare Gratitude Image from Bella

Thank you for all that you do!

Jul 15


Fontana, California

Hennepin Healthcare Gratitude Image from Emilie

Thank you for all that you do! Your strength, courage, and compassion are all greatly appreciated. Your hard work and dedication mean so much. The world is so grateful for your bravery and perseverance. Sending positivity your way!

Jul 15


Garden Grove, CA

I appreciate all your hard work!

Jul 14


Katy, TX

Hennepin Healthcare Gratitude Image from Hailey

Thank you for everything that you do to help people in your community. Your hard work and selflessness is appreciated. Throughout this terrible pandemic, you have been resilient and compassionate through it all. I hope that you know how much you and your efforts mean to your community.

Jul 13


Georgia Atlanta

Dear Healthcare workers, I am going to say that this year was hard with the pandemic but looking at the positive will help you find light in the tunnel. Having a positive mindset can get you so far in life. Being a teenager or an adult can be hard for everybody but trying your best at everything you do and determination can get you anywhere. I hope that you can enjoy the little things in life.

Jul 9


Powder Springs,GA

Thank you for placing yourself in front of the line to help others. Thank you being courageous and strong! As well as staying strong as we fight through these difficult times. Thank you for being selfless! Thank you for being here for us and continuing to stay here for and with us. Thank you!

Jul 3


San Diego, California

Hennepin Healthcare Gratitude Image from Roxy

Thank you for getting up everyday, risking your lives to save others! It is people like you that are truly heroes and responsible for helping save so many patients. Your service and excellent work does not go unnoticed. We are so grateful for your continuance hard work and the sacrifices you have made during these hard times. I just wanted to let you know that you are loved and appreciated. So again THANK YOU:)!!

Jul 2


Davis, CA

Thank you for everything you do both in the office and outside the office. The community appreciates all your hard work and dedication. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Jul 2


Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Thank you to every healthcare worker who has dedicated their lives and time to making a difference in the world. Especially now, with the COVID-19 pandemic dying down bit by bit, I'd like to send my thanks. I'm so grateful for every healthcare worker that has made that possible. You are the reason that life can finally start going back to normal in a safe environment. You are the reason sick people got COVID tests and that they made it through. Thank you for having risked your lives to help. I couldn't imagine doing what it is you do. However, I'm so glad you do it. Without the help of healthcare workers, I wouldn't be able to go back to school in the fall. We would probably still be stuck in the thick of the pandemic now. I am so grateful for so many more reasons. I wouldn't even be able to see my friends without the effort that healthcare workers have put in. I wouldn't even be able to see my entire family. Thank you for dedicating your life's work to something so important to society. I feel so lucky to live in a world with healthcare workers as amazing as you and your coworkers. It must be incredibly difficult to do your job. I imagine it was especially worse at the peak of COVID-19. Thank you for selflessly continuing to care for the public. Thank you for ensuring that the pandemic would get better. Thank you to every healthcare worker out there.

Jul 1


San Jose, CA

Dear Healthcare Workers, Hi Healthcare Workers! I'd like to give a big thanks to everything you do for us. Thank you for taking care of patients and protecting our community. Thank you for all the support you give. You guys rock! Not all heroes wear capes, but they do wear scrubs 😉 Thank you, - Joycelyn

Jun 20

Hanna M


For all Health workers, we admire your hard work and sacrifice, thank you for your dedication to take care of our family, friends and love one's. You never quit, you never stop that's why we are thankful and proud to all of you, i wish a good health more power and God bless us :)❤️

Jun 19


Cleveland, TN

To the incredible healthcare workers who tirelessly give their time and effort during this pandemic - thank you so much. You have been a light of hope in these dark times, and I can barely imagine the amount of work that takes. I'm sure the people that you take care of would be able to tell so much more of what you do, and I hope they revere the work you do as well. I hope that the pandemic passes soon so that your work calms down, and I wish you all the luck in the world in your line of work.

Jun 15



Dear frontliners, Thank you so much for your sacrifice and hard work, all of you means the world to me. I couldn't thank you enough for everything your doing for all of us just to be healthy and safe. We all have struggles and problems in life, but don't loose hope because we are here with you ALWAYS.

Jun 14


New York, New York

Keep up the good work! Don't forget all your hard work is appreciated.

Jun 7

Rayhan P

Subang Jaya

Thank you so much to the nurses who continue to make countless sacrifices every day to keep the public safe. As many of us have the luxury of working and remaining in the comfort of our own home, nurses such as you guys continue to work on the frontline, putting your lives on the line to maintain public safety. Without the contributions of nurses like you, my cousin would have likely lost his life to the coronavirus due to his pre-existing condition. But the caring nurses that looked after him ensured that he was getting all the oxygen he needed and that he was okay. He has now made a full recovery and lives to tell the tale because of the sacrifices that his nurses made like nurses all over the country. Thank you so much for your service. Real heroes don't wear capes, they wear scrubs.

Jun 6



Thank you so much for keeping our community safe. We are inspired by your bravery and dedication!

May 28


Seattle, WA

Sending lots of love & thank you notes from Seattle, Washington! You all are the very best and the reason we are able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We appreciate you beyond words.

May 26


New York, NY

Dear Healthcare Hero, Thank you so much for everything that you do for us!! Most people don't choose to work in an environment that exposes them to daily risks and dangers, like you do. I can't believe that we've been stuck in this pandemic for over a year now, and it's only thanks to the work that you do that we were able to survive through all of these hardships. You inspire me so much to continue working hard to one day become a doctor as well!!

May 25


Frisco, TX

Thank you for your hard work and efforts to save lives during such hard and difficult times. You have changed the lives of so many. We truly appreciate all the hard work that you are putting into your work each and everyday. Please continue to stay safe and help others out!

May 25


freshmeadows, ny

Thank you for your efforts made in this pandemic. We will always thankful for your work!

May 25

Darius M

West Orange, New Jersey

Thank You for all you've done during this pandemic. Hope you are safe and happy!

May 24


Elmwood Park,Nj

I am very thankful for you healthcare workers because you must risk your life everyday in order to keep us safe. You guys are very brave individuals and make the difference in making this country a safer place. Thank you

May 24


New York, NY

Dear all our heroes working in health care, we appreciate everything you do for us. Thank you so much and stay strong and healthy!

May 24


Chatham, New Jersey

Hello healthcare workers! Just wanted to send this message to whoever is reading it, as a message of gratitude to say thank you for all the work you guys have been doing. Your work truly does not go unnoticed and I am so thankful to have people like you on this earth. You guys make the world a better place and sacrifice so much for this country to be healthy. I know that this last year has been especially tough but we are finally starting to turn a corner and that has all thanks to do with you! Again, thank you for all the sleepless nights and countless hours you have worked for us, it means everything to me!

May 22



Hello! I'm extremely grateful for all your hard work, dedication, support, and love throughout the pandemic. Now that we have the vaccines out, I've been able to spend more time with family and friends so I owe that to you! Thank you for all that you do. You guys are awesome and I'm proud of you!

May 22


Staten Island, New York

Thank you for keeping us safe and healthy, especially in these tough times. We know how much you sacrifice and appreciate the long hours you put in to give us comfort. I hope you stay safe and healthy and just know we appreciate everything you do.

May 21


Chicago, IL

As the COVID-19 vaccines are rolling out, you continue to spread love, care, and patience with our families and friends. The effort and dedication you put into your work is so admirable. Thank you

May 19


Chicago, IL

Thank you for your tireless dedication, your care and compassion, your expertise and your energy! Thank you for taking care of our family, friends, and community members. Thank you for inspiring the next generation of healthcare employees too!

May 19

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