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Send a special note to care providers - and all the brave heroes on the front lines

Here at Hennepin Healthcare, we are so proud and extremely grateful for our care providers and all of our compassionate employees at this time of crisis. But we also realize the care and support teams here make up just a fraction of the healthcare workers around the world that are helping battle this worldwide pandemic.

Please take just a moment to send a THANK YOU, or a simple note of gratitude to all of the members of our team and healthcare workers all across the state, the nation and THE WORLD.

Jennifer DeCubellis, CEO, Hennepin Healthcare 

Notes from our community

Ilahi S

austin tx

thank you for all that you do, keep smiling. you are appreciated by many people including me 🙂

Sep 15



Dear Healthcare Heroes, I want to express my gratitude for the amazing work you do. Your sacrifices (especially through the pandemic) are what gave the world hope for a better future. You are literally saving lives, and there is nothing more important than that. Even to this day when we are almost fully out of the pandemic, we still rely on people like you. What is most comforting is knowing that when we are at our most vulnerable, sick, and ailing, there will be heroes like you to save the day. I cannot appreciate you enough. I hope you live a long, healthy, happy, and successful life. Bless you!

Aug 14


Minneapolis, MN

Thank you for always showing up and providing amazing care, love, support, and patience to all who come through the door. Thank you for taking the initiative to put others first and serve in uncertain times. God bless!

Jun 20


Minneapolis mn

This experience at the hospital has taken a toll on me some treatment we've received while here unbelievable!! but this morning I was brighten up with a smile and heart felt genuine c most caring sweetest full of love joy and so comforting nurse ever I give so much praise and appreciation to her she's the best nurse and her name is Mrs.Winona on peds unit today Tuesday 6-6-23

Jun 6


Noxon MT

Thank you for all of the work you ladys/gentlemen do. You have truly the purist of hearts.

Jun 3


Columbia Heights, Minnesota

I'm Julian's mother Maria, and he asked me to thank everyone who helped him get better. He was experiencing severe pain and it turned out to be appendicitis. As scary as it all was were thankful we had the nurses and doctors we did that night. The care and support we received was unconditional. Every staff we encountered gave us information and made sure Julian knew what was happening. Julian said- Thank you I'm feeling so much better now. He sends fistbumps to everyone on the Pediatric unit in Orange. I truly am thankful for everyone. Thank you so much.

May 22



Thanks to amazing people like you, the world has restarted after the horrible pandemic. Many times during the worst of 2020, it seemed like we may never get out and life may never be the same. Even though some things have changed, your work have slowly but surely returned things mostly to the way they used to be. We can't thank you enough for that. Being able to visit loved ones, make new memories, explore the world...that is invaluable to the human experience, and you gave us that again. Your sacrifices saved the world, and I hope you know how appreciated you are. You are a true hero, and I hope you live a long, happy, blessed life!

Apr 25



I just recently moved in and I really admire your work you are very kind people thank you for taking care of us🩵

Apr 24


howard beach, ny

Hennepin Healthcare Gratitude Image from joanna

thank you for putting in all your hard work and taking care of people who need it the most!

Apr 11


Cleveland, OH

Hennepin Healthcare Gratitude Image from Joules

I'm sharing my appreciation for the care and support that you provide for your patients and colleagues every day. In honoring the incredible challenges over the last several years, I'm sending extra warm thoughts your way! May you find the different ways to re-charge for yourself so that you can bring your best self personally and professionally. I want you to know how you showing up and serving has made a great impact on the community! With gratitude.

Mar 30



Your compassion and care make all the difference to those in your care.

Mar 29



Thank you for your hard work and dedication to your patients.

Mar 29


Richmond, VA

Thank you for all that you do! You are greatly appreciated and I admire the courage you have. I know the job isn't easy, so thank you for being the one to do it. Much love, you're doing great!

Mar 15


Old Bridge, NJ

Thank you so much for all of the hard work and support you are putting in during this difficult time. You are truly the real heroes of this country, and we wanted to let you know that you have all of our love and hope. Thank you for everything

Mar 13


Old Bridge, NJ

I wanted to display my gratitude and thankfulness for all of your courage, time, and support during this crucial and difficult time. It has not gone unseen.

Mar 13


Old Bridge, NJ

Thank you so much for continuing to care for our community in these hard times. Your work and dedication is truly appreciated by everyone in the community!

Mar 13


somerset, nj

You guys are truly an inspiration! Thank you for the dedication and care you show your patients during these times!

Mar 12



I just want you guys to know what an amazing job you guys are doing during these unprecedented times. It is extremely brave and selfless what you guys do taking care of others. We are grateful for all the work you guys do!

Mar 12


Wayzata, MN

To all the Frontline Medical Personnel in this Global Pandemic. I want to Thank you with many blessings, for the gifts which you have given so humbly to people in the communities you serve. It is beyond comprehension what you have given up, left behind, had to leave, neglect, endure, and sacrifice for that oath you took to save people’s lives. This will forever be remembered in millions of hearts all over the world Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. ❤️

Mar 11



I am glad the world is now stable after the pandemic, but don't think we have forgotten that this is because of all your sacrifices and amazing, hard work. Because of you, we can all feel safe again. Because of you, we have hope for a healthy and happy future. What you do is among the most impactful and important in the entire world. We cannot appreciate and thank you enough for what you did during the pandemic and continue to do. You are a real life hero, and may you be blessed with a long, healthy, happy, and successful life.

Feb 23


New Brunswick, NY

Your efforts are noticed and greatly appreciated! Thank you for all that you do in keeping us healthy and safe. Have a wonderful day!

Feb 20


Piscataway, NJ

Thank you for all the work that you do! You are loved and appreciated. Have a great day!

Feb 18


New Brunswick, NJ

Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication! It might seem like sometimes your work is underappreciated, but just know that people are so grateful for your service that helps save lives. THANK YOU again!

Feb 9

Emanie J


Thank you for all the dedication you bring to your profession everyday. We appreciate and notice the hard work you put in to keeping our communities safe. Please stay strong and take care of yourself as well. Things will get better and you are appreciated!

Jan 18


Tallahassee, Florida

I sincerely appreciate the attention and commitment you provide. Your generosity and patience are greatly appreciated; you truly change the world for the better.

Jan 18


Tallahassee, Florida

Thank you for your time and dedication in your field of work. We appreciate the hard work you put in that goes into helping the community. Even when times get tough, please continue to take care of yourself.

Jan 18

Dakhari N

Miami, Florida

Thank you all for your hard work and dedication toward making our world a better place and a healthier place.

Jan 18


tallahasse fl

Thank you for all that you do for your patients, their families, and the community as a whole! Thank you for your dedication, hard work and the long hours you put in!!! Your dedication to the healthcare system is truly appreciated.

Jan 18


Jacksonville , Fl

Thankyou for being a public health hero and taking the risk !

Jan 18


Tallahassee, Fl

Without you there is no us. Thankful for the work that goes unnoticed, for the inspiration you give and love you share I thank you.

Jan 18

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