About the Spiritual Care Department

At Hennepin Healthcare, the interfaith chaplains who make up the Spiritual Care Department are privileged to provide care and support to patients and family members who are facing a health crisis, new diagnosis, end of life, loss, difficult treatment decisions, loneliness, or other needs of support—while respecting their culture, religion, value systems, traditions, and faith communities. We recognize that spiritual care is an integral part of the healing process, so we are equipped with many tools and opportunities that make a huge difference. Because of the thousands of patients and family members that we are engaging with annually, we rely heavily on philanthropy to support our services. Currently, we provide our patients with various items and sources of comfort, but there is far more that we strive to offer.

Making a gift to the Spiritual Care Department will help support initiatives that support the spiritual and emotional well-being of patients, families, and Hennepin Healthcare staff members. Below you will find some of the efforts that are supported by philanthropy.


End of Life Care Patient and Family Support Items

A significant dimension of the Spiritual Care team’s outreach involves trying to enhance the overall experience of patients and families facing end-of-life situations in the hospital, often through the provision of “comfort items.”


These materials include:

  • A “comfort quilt” – handmade quilts which are placed on the bed of every dying patient and given to the family to take home
  • Grief support literature, including age-appropriate material for children
  • religious support items such as sacred texts, prayer cards, sage, rosaries, etc.
  • Music through the provision of bedside CD players, portable speakers, and CD’s
  • Grief follow-up after death usually through the sending of a card and appropriate grief materials.


Caring for Your Spirit Staff Support Efforts

Supporting Hennepin Healthcare employees, in both patient and non-patient areas, who are coping with symptoms from toxic stress, secondary trauma, compassion fatigue, and distressing events.

Caring for Your Spirit Support Cart

The Spiritual Care team will round for one hour per week with a “Caring for Your Spirit” Cart. The cart will be stocked be with water, healthy snacks, inspirational cards, aromatherapy lotions, and other comfort items.

As they accompany the cart, Chaplains will:

  • Provide a comforting presence
  • Engage staff members in conversations designed to promote resiliency
  • Foster caring relationships with employees
  • Offer coaching conversations about self-care, resilience, spiritual well-being, mindfulness-based stress reduction, etc.

Staff Support Baskets

The Spiritual Care team will deliver an average of three staff support baskets per month to units, departments, and areas where a stressful event has been identified.

Examples of what the baskets may contain:

  • Non-perishable snacks
  • Lip balm
  • Chocolates
  • Herbal teas
  • Inspirations cards