Generosity Provides Trauma Prevention Education from Cradle to Cane Since 1989

About the Trauma Prevention Program

Established as Minnesota’s first Level 1 Adult & Pediatric Trauma Center, Hennepin Healthcare is not only committed to providing excellent trauma care but also taking steps to avoid traumatic events before they can happen. To do this, we provide our patients, clients, and the broader community with proactive trauma prevention programs. From car seats and bike helmets to senior fall prevention through a program called “Stepping On,” Hennepin Healthcare has provided trauma prevention programs and education for over 30 years.

Not only do we educate our patients and community, but we also work with other safety-oriented partners to train their staff on how to educate their communities on trauma prevention.

Grants mainly fund the Trauma Prevention program and unfortunately, those funds often do not cover the costs for the widespread impact we want to make in our community and surrounding communities.

Your generous donations to the Trauma Prevention Fund will allow us to continue to offer trauma prevention programs and education efforts to our patients and community, as well as provide the training for partner organizations to deliver trauma prevention education to their own communities for many years to come.

$10 places a bike helmet on the head of a child in need

Bike helmets are 87% effective in preventing brain injury.

$50 purchases one car seat for a child in need

Car seats are up to 60% effective in reducing the risk of serious injury or death in an accident.

$125 sponsors one senior's attendance at a 7-week fall prevention workshop

The Stepping On Program is more than 30% effective in preventing falls for seniors