Dr. Mark W. Mahowald Endowed Lectureship in Sleep Medicine

A pioneering clinician in Sleep Medicine and Neurology

A pioneering clinician in Sleep Medicine and Neurology, Dr. Mark W. Mahowald spent more than three decades at HCMC, and was a ground-breaking investigator, speaker, professor and author. His contributions to Sleep Science are numerous, but his personal warmth and collaborative spirit are what made Dr. Mahowald peerless as a mentor, colleague, and friend.

Superlative teaching and innovative research are two of the hallmarks of Dr. Mahowald’s legacy. His pursuit of scholarship in an approachable and affable manner are embodied in the creation of this lectureship.

As co-founder of the Minnesota Regional Sleep Disorders Center (MRSDC), Dr. Mahowald sought to create a multidisciplinary approach to best care for patients across a full range of sleep disorders that often were comorbid with medical, neurological and psychiatric disorders. This was a visionary approach to patient care in sleep medicine, and is seen as standard in clinical practice today.

Dr. Mahowald’s genuine enthusiasm and exhaustive pursuit of learning lead to unprecedented advancement in the understanding of parasomnias and states of sleep and wakefulness. His widely cited works have helped to propel a large body of subsequent clinical research in literature today.

Perhaps above all, Dr. Mahowald was a builder and a giver. He gave hundreds of talks across the globe. He gave generously of his time and his wisdom. He sought to empower others, teaching courses on sleep medicine to medical students, organizing medical student teaching rotations, and directing a sleep medicine fellowship for much of his storied career.

In turn, by supporting this endeavor, your generosity is helping to preserve Dr. Mahowald’s passion for education and innovation in the work of others – ensuring his wit and wisdom will continue to be shared and built upon for generations to come. Please consider the lasting impact you can make with a gift today.

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Dr. Mahowald’s career highlights:

Chief of Neurology at Hennepin Healthcare and Professor of Neurology at University of Minnesota Medical School

Co-Founder and long-time director of the Minnesota Regional Sleep Disorders Center (MRSDC)

Director of accredited Sleep Disorders Fellowship

Along with long-time collaborator and friend Dr. Carlos Schenck, first described REM Sleep Behavior Disorder (RBD).

President of the Academy of Sleep Medicine

Nathanial Kleitman Distinguished Service Award Recipient