The vast majority of sleep disorders can be readily diagnosed and treated. The Minnesota Regional Sleep Disorders Center is a fully-accredited, full-service sleep disorders center, offering an experienced, objective and systematic approach to the diagnosis and treatment of sleep-wake disorders, such as insomnia, sleep apnea, narcolepsy, restless legs syndrome, and other conditions in both adults and children.

Minnesota Regional Sleep Disorders Center


Green Building, Level 8
913 South 7th Street
Minneapolis MN 55415

Appointments: 612-873-6963

Clinic hours:

8 am - 4:30 pm Monday through Friday

Sleep studies are overnight.


The Minnesota Sleep Disorders Center features:

  • Comprehensive, state-of-the-art testing
  • Sleep studies
  • Consultation, follow-up and referral services
  • Multi-disciplinary consultations
  • Ten fully-equipped sleep rooms in the sleep laboratory
  • Board-registered and board-qualified technologists
  • Physicians certified by the American Board of Sleep Medicine

The 35-member multidisciplinary team is committed to education and research and is nationally and internationally recognized for their expertise.

Sleep Varghese and Dr

Healthy Matters

Ask the Sleep Doc

Dennie Long is joined by Dr. Ranji Varghese to talk about sleep disorders. | 8-12-2018

Sleeping Positions

Are you sleeping in the right position? You can actually improve your health while you sleep if you know which way is best for you - side, back or stomach.

About Your Visit

Did your sleep specialist consultation recommend that you undergo a sleep study? Here is what you should expect and how to get ready the day of your study.

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