Pharmacy Residency Preceptors

About the Program

About Our Faculty

A team of 65 pharmacist preceptors lead the Pharmacy Residency Programs at Hennepin Healthcare.

Program leadership

Joel Peterson, Pharm.D., BCOP, PGY-1 Program Director and Pharmacy Residency Supervisor
George Konstantinides, Pharm.D., BCPS, AAHIVP, PGY-1 Program Director
Jon Jancik, Pharm.D., BCCCP, PGY-2 Critical Care Program Director
Tracy Anderson-Haag, Pharm.D., BCPS, PGY-2 Solid Organ Transplant Program Director
Ann Brigino, Pharm.D., BCPS, PGY-2 Internal Medicine Program Director
Chris Jolowsky, RPh, MS, PGY-1/2 Health System Administration & Leadership Program Director

Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise

Every day our faculty share their dedication and expertise in a variety of key disciplines.

Ambulatory Clinic Pharmacists (PDF)
HIV Clinic: Kristen Gamache, Julie Vandergon, George Konstantinides, Mark Holtan
Cardiology and Medicine Clinic: Anna ConnellyEric HungShin KwonJenny Barnabei, Laura Traynor
Coordinated Care Clinic: Maggie Ricco, Heather Legris
Transplant Clinic: Tracy Anderson-Haag, Anne Spenningsby
Oncology Clinic: Katie Won, Lynn Weber
Pain Clinic: Lindsay Laird

Internal Medicine Preceptors (PDF)
Internal Medicine: Rajani Wikelius, Margaret McCann, Kristy Van Nest, Brooke Menon, Andrew Swartz, Astrid Steffen, Haley Spaulding, Kelsi Giller, Jen Helbling

Cardiology: Joel Peterson, Marybeth Borgstadt
Surgery: Gina Carlson, Lindsey Faulks
Nephrology: Bhavin Patel
Psych: Rosemary Dulac, Zach Wyman

Critical Care Preceptors (PDF)
MICU: Kelly Considine, Tim Fromm
SICU: Jon Jancik, Tim Lam

Emergency Medicine: Holly Drone, Nick Beaupre
Decentral ICU:  Lori Chiappetta, Kaitlyn Robinson
Pediatrics: Jessica Jantzer, Sarah Linder-Stenzel
Infectious Disease: Aileen Ahiskali
Burn: Nichole Neumann, Ellen Walter
Toxicology: Stacey Bangh, Sam Lee, Becca Lange, Ting Regelman, Alexandru Ulici

Cardiology: Laura Hubbard

Management Preceptors (PDF)

Director of Pharmacy: Christene Jolowsky
Medication Safety:   Laurie Willhite
Central Pharmacy Operations: Brian Howard, Reggie Williams, Scott Anderson

Revenue & Business Management: Heather Anderson

Clinical Management Team: Jon Jancik, Gina Carlson, Ann Brigino
Investigational Pharmacy: Tzivia Leviton
Ambulatory & Community Pharmacy Management: Mark Holtan, Stacy Ferderer, Matt Hammer

Pharmacy & Therapeutics: Emily Grgic, Kelly Considine

Poison Center Management:   Sam Lee, Stacey Bangh
Informatics: Gwen Betterman

Clinical Quality Improvement: Heather Rhodes