Mobile Health

Bringing Healthcare to the Community

Mobile Health meets patients where they are at. We offer convenient health care to people and families who cannot come into clinic. We provide essential care and screenings you would normally get in clinic in a fully serviced vehicle.

Meet the team

Our team consists of a:

  • nurse practitioner or pediatrician
  • pediatric provider trainee
  • EMT and/or nurses

We provide care to Hennepin Healthcare families in a mobile unit, outside their homes. We prioritize safety and follow strict infection prevention measures. We also partner with community organizations to provide services at events.

Contact the Mobile Health team

Sheyanga Beecher, CNP, MSN, MPH

Medical Director

[email protected]

Dawn L. Martin, MD, MPH

Medical Director

[email protected]rg

Jeanné Portoghese, MCH

Community Program Coordinator

[email protected]