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Our orthopedic team provides expert comprehensive care for patients with a variety of orthopedic and musculoskeletal conditions.  They offer surgical and non-surgical options for treatment and collaborate with other providers to optimize care. As a Level 1 Adult & Pediatric Trauma Center, orthopedic trauma cases are surpassed by none.


Comprehensive orthopedic care is delivered by nationally–recognized physicians in a network of clinics and an outstanding inpatient hospital.

We treat a variety of conditions, from shoulder, elbow, hand and upper extremity concerns to foot, ankle, knee and hip issues in the lower extremities.  See below for more information.

If needed, our orthopedic surgeons work in collaboration with physicians in other medical specialties in interdisciplinary teams to best manage patients with complex needs. By bringing the expertise and perspectives of others clinicians together, we are able to offer patients a more comprehensive approach to care.

The specialties most often involved with our orthopedic team include:

  • Physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists
  • Rheumatologists
  • Neurologists
  • Infectious disease specialists
  • Podiatric surgeons
  • Physical and occupational therapists
  • Radiologists

Your clinic visit

Because of the nature of your treatment, especially when x-rays or cast work is needed, please bring shorts if you have a knee, hip or foot problem and a tank top (for women) if you have a shoulder problem. If you are being seen for a foot or ankle problem, bring your shoe inserts or custom foot inserts. If you are a runner, bring your running shoes.

Your first appointment will begin by taking a detailed medical history and conducting a physical examination. This gives your doctor an idea about the type of symptoms or pain you are experiencing, past medical and surgical history, and medications that you are taking. We may ask you to schedule an MRI or to bring your X-rays with you.

Musculoskeletal, Fracture and Trauma Care

Hennepin Healthcare is an international leader in the care of fractures and musculoskeletal injuries of bones and joints in children and adults, including these conditions:


Musculoskeletal infections – Our team of orthopedic surgeons and infectious disease specialists work together in treating short and long-term infections of the bones and joints.

Sports medicine  - Whether an injury was caused by athletics or pain is keeping you from participating in a sport you love, we have specialized providers in sports medicine.

Soft tissue injuries – Sprain and tissue strain injuries can be debilitating. Fortunately the treatment is usually non-surgical and consists of medication and rehabilitation. Our staff has years of experience, excellent diagnostic resources and a team of physical/occupational therapists to help successfully manage these conditions.

Total joint replacement – There are several conditions that may lead to your need to consider a knee or hip replacement such as arthritis.