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Holistic Pain Management

An integrative approach to chronic pain

Holistic pain management addresses chronic pain with a holistic approach and consists of:

  • Individualized prescriptions around nutrition, sleep, nervous system regulation techniques, emotional and mental health, and your environment. This is often called "integrative pain management", integrating a person's lifestyle, choices, and healing resources into the management of their health. This is also referred to as a holistic approach as holistic pain management.
  • Non-opioid holistic pain management strategies using lifestyle-based prescriptions for living better with pain.
  • Patient empowerment and education on pain management.
  • Group medical visits for patients with chronic pain focused on education, self-management strategies through group support and engagement.
  • Referrals to treatments such as acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, and functional medicine as appropriate
  • Herbs, supplements, or non-opioid medications when appropriate, working within what is safe, effective, and evidence-based for each person.

Kate Shafto, MD, FACP, FAAP, is certified in Integrative Medicine with a specialty in Pain Management. Integrative medicine uses a holistic approach to pain. A holistic pain management approach means that beyond the disease or disorder symptoms, attention is given to the whole body, mind and spirit. Dr. Shafto holds group medical visits on different kinds of pain. Group medical visits are a great way to foster discussion with other patients who may be experiencing similar types of pain or have pain in the same area, such as in your joints and/or muscles.